Introduction to Intelligent Elderly Care Solution and Personnel Positioning Management System

2024-07-03/ By Admin

At present, the price range of nursing homes with high price elasticity provides diverse elderly care options for different groups. The models of home-based, community-based, and institutional elderly care are gradually integrating, and the projects of home-based elderly care renovation, elderly friendly community renovation, and institutional medical and elderly care integration upgrading are deepening. The multi-channel elderly care model is being opened up, and expectations for elderly care services are becoming more integrated.

Introduction to Intelligent Elderly Care Solution and Personnel Positioning Management System

Personnel positioning management system

1. The Bluetooth network side positioning system is the underlying system of the location information management system.

2. Bluetooth network side positioning is achieved through the scanning and positioning server of the terminal to monitor the location information of backend personnel.

3. The Bluetooth gateway adopts POE powered data transmission or power adapter powered+WiFi data transmission.

4. Based on the self-developed fingerprint and triangle hybrid positioning algorithm, Taodian Network provides Bluetooth positioning technology with a full field positioning accuracy of 2-3 meters for nursing homes.

5. The location information management system provides nursing home managers with various management functions such as real-time monitoring, historical trajectory, fence alarm, SOS alarm, video linkage, etc.

Web based intelligent management cloud system

A sound scientific elderly care management system helps healthcare service institutions optimize their care experience, simplify medical work processes, and improve work efficiency.

1. Management of Elderly Health Monitoring Data

Elderly sleep monitoring and health measurement data recording.

2. Personnel management

Nursing task timeout records and special task allocation by dedicated personnel; Personnel entry and exit records.

3. Dangerous situation records

The records of abnormal monitoring by various monitoring devices indicate that users trigger alarm calls.

4. Alarm notification

Multiple port notifications after a dangerous situation occurs: institutions, community service centers, emergency contacts.

5. Equipment management

Device binding, device status display, and device log recording.

6. Energy management

Monitoring records of water and electricity usage in institutions, statistical analysis of data, and assistance in controlling operational costs.

7. Member User Management

User filing, consumption deductions, and account information.

8. Care service management

Develop elderly care plans, rehabilitation plans, create medical orders, and register their implementation status.

9. Daily business management

Staff information management, accounting details, entry and exit procedures, and process approval.

10. Nutrition and Health Management

Record user signs data and develop a dietary plan.

11. Basic data management

Institutional management, floor and house data settings, and category data settings required for forms.

12. Data statistics

Provide report queries and statistics on accounting data, health data, and elderly service data generated by business operations.