How to use Beidou short message communication service and what precautions should be taken

2024-07-01/ By Admin

The Beidou short message communication service is a unique and important feature. It enables BeiDou users to send and receive short message information through BeiDou satellites even in areas without ground communication network coverage. For example, emergency communication and location reporting can be achieved in remote areas, at sea, or during disasters. Its information is accurate and timely, providing strong support for ensuring safety and emergency rescue.

Different Beidou short message terminal devices may have different operating methods. The following are the general usage steps:

1. Open the BeiDou terminal device: Follow the instructions in the device manual to correctly open the terminal device and ensure that the device is connected to the BeiDou satellite;

2. Write a short message: Select "New SMS" or similar options on the device interface to enter the SMS editing interface. Enter the content of the text message according to the prompts. Please note that the length limit for Beidou short messages is usually 140 Chinese characters or 280 English characters;

3. Specify recipient number: In the SMS editing interface, specify the recipient number for the SMS. You can directly enter the number of another Beidou terminal device, or choose the recipient from the contact list;

4. Send SMS: After editing the SMS content and recipient number, select the send option. The terminal device will automatically encrypt the SMS content and send it to the other party through Beidou satellite;

5. Receiving short messages: When other Beidou terminal devices send short messages to you, your device will remind you and display the received message content. You can view and reply to text messages in your inbox or similar interface.

Beidou short message communication service

When using the Beidou short message service, the following precautions should be taken:

1. Compliance with laws and regulations: When using the BeiDou short message service, please comply with local laws and regulations and relevant regulations, and do not send illegal, harmful, or malicious information;

2. Terminal device charging: To ensure the normal operation of the terminal device, it is necessary to charge it regularly to maintain sufficient power. It is also recommended to carry spare batteries in case of emergencies;

3. Try to avoid extreme environments: Beidou terminal equipment is sensitive to extreme environments (such as high temperature, low temperature, strong magnetic field, etc.), and try to avoid placing the equipment in these environments when using it;

4. Attention to security issues: When using Beidou short message services, pay attention to the protection of personal information and avoid sending sensitive information or disclosing personal privacy.