Satellite GNSS Timing Solution

2022-04-08/ By Admin

Industry Background Demand

Satellite GNSS timing applications are actually extremely common. Power systems, traffic lights, communication systems, etc. all require time synchronization support for satellite timing. These are indispensable in daily life.

Satellite GNSS Timing Solution

Satellite GNSS Timing Solution Introduction

SKYLAB has independently developed a variety of GNSS timing modules. The GPS timing module and the Beidou timing module receive the accurate time of the high-precision atomic clock in the GPS/Beidou satellite system. The PPS (pulse per second) output pin of the GNSS timing module is output to the user for use. Provide high-precision timing services for time synchronization applications of system equipment such as base stations, power, and communications.

Features of GNSS Timing Solution Introduction

◆Industrial standard: SKYLAB GNSS timing module is industrial standard.

◆High sensitivity: The leading capture and tracking sensitivity can be used with auxiliary functions such as EASY and EPO.

◆Good positioning performance: accurate positioning under weak signal

◆High timing accuracy: timing accuracy is ±30ns, ±20ns, ±15ns, ±10ns, ±3.9ns

◆Various products: GPS timing module and Beidou timing module.

Application Field of GNSS Timing Solution

SKYLAB GNSS timing module can be widely used in high-precision satellite timing scenarios.

◆Traffic light timing
◆Clock server
◆Power system timing
◆Financial system timing
◆Communication base station timing
◆Charging pile timing