Smart Wearable GNSS Positioning Solution

2022-04-09/ By Admin

Industry Background Demand

With the application and development of Internet of Things technology, smart wear has also become one of the beneficiaries of many smart devices. More and more smart wearable products are integrated into our lives. Become an important application product closely related to our lives. Smart wearable devices currently on the market integrate GNSS modules to obtain location information. Based on location information, it can realize outdoor personnel positioning, historical trajectory query and emergency management. Ultimately realize the safety management of personnel.

Smart Wearable GNSS Positioning Solution Introduction

SKYLAB independently developed a low-power smart wearable GPS/BDS positioning module. The positioning module receives the signal of the working satellite. By calculating the pseudo-distance with each satellite, the position of the receiver is obtained by the distance intersection method. Obtain longitude, latitude, altitude and time correction, speed, heading (movement direction) information and other parameters. The positioning module continuously outputs the positioning information in NMEA format through the serial communication port for the receiver to choose the application.

With the built-in positioning map of the smart wearable device, positioning and navigation can be realized. A positioning function is added to the smart bracelet. When the wearer is lost, people can query the precise location of the bracelet through the mobile APP. So that the wearer can be found quickly.

Features of Smart Wearable GNSS Positioning Solution

◆Industrial standard: SKYLAB smart wearable GPS Beidou module is an industrial standard.

◆High Sensitivity: Leading capture and tracking sensitivity

◆Good signal: support fast positioning in weak signal environment

◆High precision: high positioning accuracy, the standard high precision is 2-3 meters

◆Small size: the module size is very small

◆High integration: support normal full power consumption, healthy low power consumption and intelligent low power consumption mode.

Application Field of Smart Wearable GNSS Positioning Solution

SKYLAB smart wearable GPS Beidou module can be widely used in high-precision positioning scenarios.

◆Children's Positioning Watch/Bracelet

◆Elderly Positioning Watch/Bracelet

◆Locating shoes

◆Location badge

◆Livestock animal positioning

◆Agricultural machinery and equipment