Security Monitoring GNSS Positioning Solution

2022-04-08/ By Admin

Industry Background Demand

With the rapid development of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, the security industry has entered the era of intelligent security. Technologies such as video recognition and face recognition have been further applied.

As the value of security equipment rises, there is a need to better control and maintain such valuable equipment. There is an urgent need to integrate GNSS modules to achieve device location acquisition. Finally, outdoor equipment positioning, historical track query and equipment regular maintenance are realized, and equipment safety management is realized.

Security GNSS Positioning Solution

Security GNSS Positioning Solution Introduction

SKYLAB independently develops a variety of outdoor positioning modules. Receive satellite signals through GPS module, Beidou module, GLONASS module, RTK high-precision module, and inertial navigation module. By calculating the pseudo-distance with each satellite, the position of the receiver is obtained by the distance intersection method. Finally, parameters such as longitude, latitude, altitude and time correction, speed, and heading are obtained.

The GNSS module continuously outputs the positioning information in NMEA format through the serial communication port for the receiver to choose the application.

With the built-in positioning map, the positioning and navigation of the device can be realized. Provide accurate location information for outdoor high-definition cameras, communication base stations, intelligent industrial control boxes, urban facilities and other equipment.

Features of Security GNSS Positioning Solution

◆Industrial standard: SKYLAB GNSS module is industrial standard.

◆High sensitivity: has the existing market-leading capture and tracking sensitivity

◆Good signal: support fast positioning in a weak signal environment.

◆High positioning accuracy: standard high precision is 2-3 meters, RTK high precision is decimeter level, centimeter-level

◆Diverse product lines: GPS modules, Beidou modules, GNSS antenna integration modules, RTK high-precision positioning modules, inertial navigation modules, GNSS G-Mouse, and other series of high-performance positioning modules.

Application Field of Security GNSS Positioning Solution

SKYLAB GNSS module can be widely used in precise positioning of outdoor valuable equipment.
◆Dome monitoring, camera
◆Smart lights, street lights
◆Intelligent industrial control box, urban facilities