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Bluetooth Beacon


Asset Location Tracking Anti-tamper Bluetooth Beacon VDB03S

VDB03S is a asset label Bluetooth beacon with a function to prevent disassembly.

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Wireless Standards Bluetooth®4.2
Work Mode  iBeacon
Dimension 37.3*23.4*5.1mm

VDB03S is a asset label Bluetooth beacon with a function to prevent disassembly. Its broadcast protocol conforms to bluetooth BLE broadcast iBeacon (Apple) protocol. It is usually installed in a suitable location, periodically broadcasts to its surroundings, so that other Bluetooth devices such as Bluetooth gateways can scan its broadcast content and calculate the location information. It is usually not connected by other BLE host devices, but can be connected through mobile APP, and modify its broadcast parameters and other contents.

Skylab_Beacon is a mobile phone APP developed by SKYLAB R&D team for configuring VDB03Sparameters. When you connect VDB03S with this APP, you can modify its broadcast frequency, power, UUID, Major, Minor, device name and other parameters, but the broadcast frequency returns to10sonce when the key is pressed. These parameters will be broadcast when VDB03S is in a broadcast state.

The VDB03S supports an anti-removal button, which can upload an alarm message when the VDB03S is removed. (Ensure that the installation surface is flat and press the anti-removal button during normal installation.)

The VDB03S is powered by a button lithium metal battery that can be removed and replaced but cannot be recharged.


◆ Low Power Consumption

◆ Prevent the disassembly

◆ Flexible application

◆ Easy to deploy

◆ Broadcast distance of up to 50 m (0dBm)

◆ RoHS, FCC,CE compliance

Hardware Features
Wireless Standards Bluetooth®4.2
Frequency Range 2400MHz---2483.5MHz
Data Rates 1Mbps(Bluetooth ® 4.2)
Modulation Technique PWM
Wireless Security AES HW Encryption
Transmit Power -20,-16,-12,-8,-4,0dBm
Sensitivity -94dBm at 1Mbps BLE
Work Mode iBeacon
Dimension(L×W×H) 37.3*23.4*5.1mm
Battery CR2032
Operating Temperature -30℃~60℃
Battery life
Broadcast power Coverage area Broadcast interval Status Battery life
0dBm 50m 10000ms Button pressed 23 months
2000ms Button pops up 19 months

◆Asset Label

◆Indoor positioning

◆Information push


◆Wechat shake

◆Counting step

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