What is Mini USB WIFI Module: Best Guide to get Max Signals?

2022-02-24/ By Admin

Using the mini USB WIFI module of your internet box is very practical for connecting all your equipment at home! Despite its practicality, a Wi-Fi connection is still less reliable than a wired connection. It can sometimes cause certain inconveniences such as untimely disconnections.

Mini USB WIFI Module

Why is the Wi-Fi signal bad?

Before discovering what are the ways to improve your Wi-Fi connection at home. You must first understand why the signal is bad! Not to mention a major disruptive element, especially in densely populated areas: neighbors' WIFI networks. The latest generation mini USB WIFI module makes it possible to overcome this difficulty. But with older equipment, there is still sometimes a cacophony between the different Wi-Fi networks.

You are afraid of having a bad Wi-Fi connection and you wonder what the real speed of your wireless Internet connection is. Measure and analyze the speed of your ADSL or fiber connection with the speed test. This allows you to get an idea of ​​the quality of your Wi-Fi connection.

How to improve your wireless internet connection?

You can read our file "Wi-Fi speed: our advice to improve it. You can also make an inventory of mini USB WIFI module internet connection at home. To help you, here are 7 points to check to boost your Wi-Fi internet connection at home:

Place your mini usb wifi well in the house

The internet box very often places in the wrong place in a house. The first very simple advice to put into practice is therefore the optimized placement of your box at home.

The best position for the modem to optimize its mini USB WIFI module internet connection is high up rather than on the ground, in an open area.

Remove metallic elements: can block the waves

It is also necessary to think about moving it away from certain disturbers which can block the waves or cause interference such as metallic elements. And be wary of certain devices that transmit in identical or similar frequency bands (microwaves, baby monitors, wireless landline telephones, etc.).

Large volumes of water, typically aquariums, also constitute a crippling obstacle to wave propagation. Behind them you probably won't have a mini USB WIFI module!

Secure your Wi-Fi access

It is also important to secure your wireless network. Indeed, if the latter is not secure enough. Some people will then be able to use it, which will necessarily slow down your internet connection. To protect your Wi-Fi network at home, log in to your box's control panel.

Change your Wi-Fi network password regularly

Another way to improve your Wi-Fi connection is to change the frequency. If you have a recent Internet box, it is probably "dual band". That is to say, it uses two frequency bands to broadcast the Wi-Fi signal: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The first is the historical band of mini USB WIFI module.

By default, boxes transmit simultaneously on both bands, and computers, smartphones and other tablets connect to one of the two. The best Wi-Fi frequency is then automatically assigned to a given device, generally 5 GHz.

Your modem is not one of the latest boxes equipped with this feature. It is better to create two separate networks: one in 2.4 GHz, the other in 5 GHz. It will be enough to choose the second to be sure to benefit from the best performance in mini USB WIFI module.

Change of Wi-Fi channel can improve internet connection

In this management interface, you will also be able to change the Wi-Fi channel.  Know that if you and a neighbor position on the same channel. You share the flow! Changing this channel can therefore improve your internet connection at home.

Some operators offer a scan tool in their management interface to identify the least congested channels. Some apps do it too, like WIFI Analyzer.

If you live in the countryside and find that one of these channels is free, take the opportunity to improve your mini USB WIFI module speed. You will have to resolve to take the least congested. Selecting the other channels (2 to 5 or 7 to 10) will however be of little interest, and may rather penalize your Wi-Fi network.

Mini USB WIFI Module 2022

Activate the DFS channels in the management interface

The most frequented is often the interval 36 to 48: to go beyond, it will be necessary to activate the DFS channels in the management interface of the box. But be careful: from channel 52, the presence on the same ranges of weather radars can cause your box to move without warning to another channel. Also, to be taken into account: the higher the 5 GHz channel, especially above 100, the better the Wi-Fi coverage will be.

Better manage the equipment connected to the mini USB WIFI module

Many devices can be connected to your Wi-Fi network: computer, game console, smartphone, tablet, TV, connected watch, printer, household appliances, etc.). If your speed is limited and all these devices are using the network at the same time. This will inevitably have an impact on the speed of your Wi-Fi internet connection at home.

This is an extreme case, but keep in mind, for example, that some of them regularly update. It is therefore possible that these terminals request the network even when you are not using them.

On the other hand, when several of these devices communicate at the same time on the same Wi-Fi network, they transmit - and receive data in turn. Here too, we can take advantage of the creation of two Wi-Fi networks mentioned above.

Install a repeater for extended mini USB WIFI module coverage

A Wi-Fi repeater is an easy-to-install piece of equipment that can extend Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home. Concretely, this device allows you to recover the signal from your modem to retransmit it further as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

To do this, simply plug the repeater into an electrical outlet and connect it to the box's Wi-Fi network to synchronize it the first time. Once the lights are on, you can plug the repeater into an outlet near the area you want to cover. Some mini USB WIFI module has an indicator to know if the location of the repeater is good.