80211bgn UART WIFI Module: Ultimate Guide 2022

2022-02-24/ By Admin

Start of the revolution: 80211bgn

The story begins with the release of the 80211bgn UART WIFI module, based on a 32bit MCU SoC. It comes to add wireless connectivity to electronic systems and to design low-cost IoT systems.

80211bgn UART WIFI Module

Why this module has a powerful processing capacity?

Thanks to which it is possible to connect, through its GPIO pins, various peripherals including sensors and other compatible devices. It is difficult to use and perfect to be common for the construction of compact devices.

This is able to program as a real development board. It can common as a Wireless-Serial adapter with an SPI / SDIO type connection.

Why it is an 80211bgn UART WIFI module with a thousand uses?

It gives the possibility of being able to customize both the part concerning the software and the hardware. Moreover, it is a module with a thousand uses, making it excellent for network applications. Thanks to its high energy efficiency with the possibility of setting three modes: active mode, mode sleep and deep sleep mode.

The module minimizes its functions by deactivating the non-essential ones. It consumes just under 12uA.

80211bgn modules are available in different formats

As can be deduced from the following image, the main difference between these modules is the format and distribution of the GPIO pins. Which in 80211bgn UART WIFI module have all been made available while in others? It is possible to take advantage of only some.

In most of them, the antenna includes directly in the printed circuit board, but for example in the ESP-05 version. You need to connect an external antenna.

80211bgn based on what your design needs are?

80211bgn can be common as an external WIFI module, using the standard AT command set firmware by connecting it to any microcontroller via serial UART or directly as a WIFI enabled micro controller, programming new firmware using the provided SDK.

This board is mainly common in 80211bgn UART WIFI module, where we want to add connectivity for example to an Arduino project. Moreover, a wide adoption has facilitated by the very modest price, ranging from 2 to 10 € depending on the features offered by the manufacturers.

Applications of UART WIFI module

This module is widely common in many projects with the intention of WIFI functionality; however the following are the main applications.

  • Wireless Web Server
  • Geolocation with ESP8266
  • Pressure sensors on railway tracks
  • Air pollution meter
  • Temperature recording system
  • The smallest IoT project in the world
  • Wi-Fi controlled robot
  • Humidity and temperature monitoring
  • M2M with ESP8266

Evolution in 80211bgn UART WIFI module

A few years after the release of the 80211bgn, after a long test phase its successor was born. The most interesting evolution lies in the fact that there are more GPIO pins with which to develop more complex projects without having to resort to a GPIO expander.

At this point, check that the model you have chosen firmly anchor to the case and close the panel. The game is done! When your PC starts you will simply have to perform the driver installation procedure.

Moreover, setup is intuitive and takes no more than ten minutes. Finally, restart your PC to make sure you have activated the new hardware correctly.

80211bgn UART WIFI Module 2022

Buying guide and features

Choosing an 80211bgn UART WIFI module requires some specific precautions. We at SKYLAB MODULE have summarized them below to guide you step by step in purchasing your external component on Amazon, the number 1 e-commerce in the world.

Type and compatibility: suit your needs

The first aspect to consider is the type of network card that best suits your needs. The USB model does not have to be mounted inside the PC but connect externally using, precisely, a USB port.

Moreover, the PCI variant boasts an excellent quality-price ratio and install in the hardware case, guaranteeing discrete performance at competitive prices. Finally, the SKYLAB MODULE network 80211bgn UART WIFI module is preferred by users who want to modernize an old portable laptop. It has small dimensions and an advantageous cost.  

You want to buy a network card to surf faster, pay attention to the connection bandwidth. The best performing models can reach 1.9 Gbps, as long as your router is powerful enough to deliver this high performance.  

80211bgn UART WIFI module coverage range

Choosing a wireless model requires checking that the router's signal reaches the room where you want to place your laptop.

In this regard, the reception range varies from model to model and depends on the presence (or not) of the two antennas that enhance the range. Moreover, check that these are at least present in the product you have chosen. They will help you maximize performance, without getting hooked on Ethernet cables or swinging connections.

Allow you to save substantial amounts

The price of a network card depends on the type / compatibility of the device. In general, Amazon proves to be the winning choice due to the timed promos and exclusive discounts.

Specifically, 80211bgn UART WIFI module starts from a minimum of 20 euros up to a maximum of around 130 euros for the most performing components. Moreover, remember to check the technical specifications of the PC before proceeding with the purchase; It is important that the card does not create conflicts or incompatibilities with the operating system of your device.

Moreover, when it comes to Home Automation and IoT DIY, modules cannot but come to mind, which in recent years have allowed millions of people to create highly successful devices.

GPIO pins to develop customized systems

For the uninitiated, these are two modules produced by the Chinese company SKYLAB MODULE, with 80211bgn UART WIFI module and the possibility of interfacing them with other microcontrollers and directly using their GPIO pins to develop customized systems.

To simplify the programming and experimentation phase, there are some development boards on the market through which it is possible to find the configuration that best suits us and reach your design goal.


Moreover, in this article we will see exactly what we are talking about, what are the potential of these modules and everything you need to know about dev boards to be able to make the most of them.