How WIFI Module 80211bgn Is Going to Change Your Business?

2022-02-24/ By Admin

Wireless Network Module, How Does It Work?

Speaking of WIFI module 80211bgn, it is common to think about a way to transmit information via radio waves. In the case of some computers, not initially prepared for the use of a WIFI network. It may be necessary to install a network module on the motherboard, or external to the device.

In the next paragraphs we will go into detail on this very useful component. How to install it and all the things it is able to do. Enjoy the reading!

WIFI Module 80211bgn

WIFI module 80211bgn, what is it?

Wireless network modules can include directly in the motherboard, which usually happens with laptops. They can purchase separately in the form of a module (PCI) or a USB stick to insert inside the PC. The Wireless network module usually also includes an integrated antenna that allows you to send and receive signals.

Wireless Local Area Network or wired Ethernet networks

Wireless networks Wi-Fi or WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network "operate on the same principles as wired Ethernet networks. The WIFI module 80211bgn is one of the most important components for the PC. It is very important to choose the best possible solution, ideal for your specific needs.

The wireless internet network module is a special type of device that allows you to connect to a network wirelessly using radio waves. Taking a concrete example, the Wi-Fi module and the Bluetooth module belong to this category.

Fixed WIFI module 80211bgn must be purchased separately

In addition to laptops, modern tablets and smartphones also equip with them. While fixed PCs must purchase separately. The wireless network module through the associated antenna is able to communicate with the access point of the WIFI module 80211bgn or with the other terminals.

It is an innovative technology that allows users to connect to the internet even without having to use wires. Which is certainly very practical even if it often results in a lower download and upload speed.

How to choose the best network module for wireless connection

There are some variables you need to be careful about when choosing a network module before making your purchase. The most important are:

Supported data transfer rates and bandwidth of WIFI module 80211bgn

These are two key components to be taken into consideration for this type of hardware. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate WIFI module 80211bgn according to your needs the most suitable product and price range;

Number of antennas: more antennas = more connection! By pointing each antenna in a different direction. It will be possible to maximize the available range;

Cooling: a quality heat sink extends the life of all components inside your PC. Especially taking into account the fact that, by adding the module, there will be less free space available;

Supported OS: Certain network modules work with some operating systems. There is never full compatibility. Make sure you choose the right product based on the PC on which it will configure.

By paying attention to these key elements, it is possible to minimize future risks and inconveniences, to the benefit of efficiency and timing.

How to avoid problems with the WIFI module 80211bgn

To avoid having problems of any kind with the network module for wireless connection. The advice is to periodically update the drivers of the network module. Often, in fact, when the network module does not work optimally and the device works correctly. The problem is to be found in an incorrect software configuration.

Usually, however, when you decide to connect to the internet using a wireless network module you have to take into account. They are less reliable hardware, due to several points where the signal is weak when not non-existent.

Furthermore, weather conditions can also affect the functioning of the connection. However, WIFI module 80211bgn can be very convenient and allow a connection anywhere in the home, but you have to organize yourself well to get the best results.

WIFI Module 80211bgn 2022

Characteristics of the wireless network module

The internal desktop PC network module can have a newer PCIe x1 connector (where PCIe stands for PCI Express), or an older PCI connector, as you can see from the following image.

PCI PCIE network module

If you are interest in network modules with PCIe x1 connector, make sure your motherboard has a free PCIe x1 slot before buying it. For example, if we consider the MSI H270 Gaming M3 motherboard, on the official website it is reported that it has 4 PCIe x1 slots.

PCI slot WIFI network module

No power cables require, as the WIFI module 80211bgn power directly from the motherboard. Once mounted, if you are using a recent operating system such as Windows 10, the module is plug and play, meaning it is recognized immediately. In fact, the operating system installs the drivers automatically.

Otherwise, so if you are using an operating system that does not recognize the module, you will be able to use the drivers included in the package. On the market you will find several internal wireless network modules for PCs. They can differentiate the presence of one or more antennas, and also by the different transmission speed.

What is WIFI module 80211bgn?

A module with more antennas allows you to have greater signal stability, therefore better reception. The size of the antennas is also important, in fact there are antennas that can have 2dBi or a higher parameter to offer you greater gain.

Usually in wireless network modules, the antennas are removable, so you can replace them with larger models depending on your needs.

Another important feature is the band used

Usually the available models base on the 2.4 GHz band, but other more recent models define as dual band, because in addition to the classic 2.4 GHz band WIFI module 80211bgn also have the 5 GHz band. The 2.4 GHz band is the commonly used one, suitable if you have a large environment and browse the web. It is more prone to interference.

The 5 GHz band is more suitable for gamers and for streaming

It is suitable for smaller rooms. To take advantage of the dual band technology, you need both a dual band WIFI network module and a router compatible with the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band.


Now that you know what the main features of WIFI network modules are, here are some models you can buy. I have listed some cheaper versions and some more expensive ones to suit any type of preference.

If you are looking for an inexpensive WIFI module 80211bgn, then you can get a model from the TP-Link. Different versions are available depending on the number of antennas supported.