How To Choose GPS Vehicle Locator Manufacturers?

2022-08-11/ By Admin

How to choose a good car GPS tracker?

Nowadays, with the increase in the number of cars year by year, the demand for on-board GPS positioning equipment is increasing. There are many car GPS positioning manufacturers on the market, and the product quality is far from good. When you buy a car GPS locator, how to choose a high-quality GPS locator?

How to choose a good car GPS tracker?

1、Choose a professional manufacturer of GPS locators.

First of all, you must choose a professional GPS manufacturer, especially a fleet company. Manufacturers with strong comprehensive strength often have better product quality. The GPS positioning equipment of professional manufacturers has good stability, wide signal coverage and accurate data.

2、Choose a manufacturer with accurate GPS positioning

SKYLAB is a manufacturer of precise GPS positioning. The locator has strong signal coverage, rapid positioning and high precision. The tracking device can be positioned by installing a traffic card and electricity.

It can be positioned in all directions, and can be positioned at any time regardless of area or time. The GPS positioning is equipped with multiple sets of map correction errors, and the operation is simple and easy to use.

3、Choose manufacturers that use advanced positioning chips

The chip of the vehicle GPS positioning system is the core component. The advantages of advanced chips are that they are fast, sensitive, and power-efficient. Actual tests show that it only takes about 30 seconds from power-on to full positioning.

Generally, inferior products will use cheap inferior chips. This kind of chip positioning is often inaccurate and the error is too large.

4、Choose a manufacturer with good after-sales service

A good locator product needs to be supported by a good after-sales service. SKYLAB has a professional customer service team and provides 7*24 hours of after-sales service. If you encounter problems with the use of the tracker, we will reply as soon as possible to answer your questions.

Features of car GPS tracker from SKYLAB manufacturers

1、GPS locator real-time monitoring

GPS vehicle management system uses mobile GPRS as the carrier of monitoring data. It can truly realize all-weather real-time monitoring of vehicles, including vehicle speed, direction and so on. The monitoring frequency of the GPS locator can reach the level of 1 second.

2、GPS locator can manage driving information

Customers can download, play back, and save the vehicle's past driving data information.

3、Vehicle speeding, GPS tracker can alarm

The administrator can set the upper and lower speed limits for all vehicles individually or for all vehicles. When the speed of the vehicle exceeds the limit, the system will prompt the vehicle speeding alarm. The system will have sound and window pop-up prompts.

4、Administrators can create map layers by themselves

The administrator can mark the company's and site's location on the map through text and images. Administrators can also construct routes that are not on the road by themselves, and better improve the map to manage vehicles.

5、 The administrator can text scheduling management

The administrator can send text scheduling information to a vehicle or a group of vehicles by text. The information sent will be saved for future verification.

6、System overspeed alarm statistics

Through the driving data saving function provided by the system, the driving data of a certain vehicle on a certain day and a certain period of time can be played back after the event. The system can generate reports for response, and this function can be used for assessment.

7、Driving route tracking

The system can record the driving route in real time for a single vehicle or all vehicles. When the vehicle passes by, a black line will be drawn on the map, and the administrator can intuitively see the driving route of the vehicle.

8、Regional alarm function

A restricted area can be set, and an alarm will be issued when the car enters the restricted area monitoring station. Customize the driving route and send an alarm when the driver leaves the predetermined driving route.

9、Statistics of mileage and fuel consumption

Through the driving data storage function provided by the system, the driving kilometers and fuel consumption of a certain car can be stored on a certain day and a certain period of time. The system can generate a report for printing, this function can be used for reference.

10、Perfect administrator management function

(1) Vehicle information management can query, count, add, delete and modify vehicle information.

(2) The administrator can be assigned permissions to achieve hierarchical and multi-level management.

(3) Log management, such as logging, alarm setting, message sending, etc. for statistics, printing and deletion