Application of GPS Positioning Tracker in Fleet Management

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Market Demand Of GPS Locator In Fleet Management

With the rapid development of enterprises and undertakings, modern large enterprises are equipped with a large number of vehicles to improve production efficiency. Vehicle management is under increasing pressure. Nowadays, there are many vehicles and backward management measures, resulting in low vehicle use efficiency and high cost.

Vehicle Management Tracking

How to improve the efficiency of vehicle use and control the cost is an urgent problem that modern large enterprises need to solve. At present, there are problems such as private use of public vehicles, false reports of fuel, drivers stealing work, and inadequate supervision and management. This reduces the efficiency of enterprise vehicle use and increases the operating cost of the enterprise.

Introduction of GPS Tracker in Fleet Management Program

The intelligent tracking of vehicle management is mainly divided into the personal market and the enterprise market. The personal market is mainly used for anti-theft tracking.

Introduction of GPS Tracker in Fleet Management Program

Most of the GPS trackers on the market today are used in the enterprise market. Such as bus management, logistics fleet management, automobile risk control management, etc. It is mainly based on the collection of location and alarm information, realizes real-time scheduling, route planning, safety supervision, etc., and helps the digital upgrade of the corresponding industry.

SKYLAB launched a global positioning GPS vehicle positioning management program by analyzing the specific needs of fleet management of enterprises and institutions. It is decomposed and optimized from the aspects of operation process, system architecture, function realization, etc., aiming to provide strong technical support for enterprise vehicle management.

Features of GPS Tracker Fleet Management Solution

Features of GPS Tracker Fleet Management Solution

(1)Real-time positioning, real-time monitoring

The monitoring personnel can view the real-time location information and current vehicle status information of the monitored vehicle at any time. For example, monitoring the vehicle key on and off (ACC) status, positioning time, dwell time, and device details are clear and intuitive.

(2)The historical track can be tracked

The system can save 90 days of historical vehicle driving trajectories. You can know where the vehicle has been, and you can fully grasp the whereabouts of the vehicle.

(3)Curb vehicle speeding and ensure safety

During the real-time monitoring process, when the vehicle is driving normally, the real-time driving track displayed on the map is green. If the driving speed exceeds the set value, it will be displayed as a red track. At the same time, the track information of the vehicle in a certain period of time is queried.

When playing the historical track, if the speed of the vehicle exceeds the set value, it will also be displayed as a red track and an alarm message will be sent. Through the speeding alarm reminder, it can ensure the safe driving of the monitored vehicle.

(4)In case of emergency, the vehicle can be grasped at any time

The monitoring platform has information such as vehicle abnormal vibration alarm, positioning terminal power failure alarm, positioning terminal battery low battery alarm, entry and exit electronic fence alarm, displacement alarm and other information. The monitoring personnel can control the abnormal situation of the vehicle at any time on the platform. When monitoring personnel find an emergency, they can take reasonable and effective measures in a timely manner.

(5)Effective supervision and remote scheduling

The monitoring platform has the function of multi-vehicle monitoring. The monitoring personnel can view all the current vehicle status, positioning method, stay time, and all vehicle location information at any time. Scheduling can be carried out in a timely, reasonable and efficient manner to reduce unnecessary vehicle costs.

(6)Report statistics, one-click export

The monitoring platform has report information such as mileage statistics, stop details, speeding details, alarm statistics, and alarm details. The monitoring personnel can export these detailed information at any time to provide data support for analyzing and monitoring the driving conditions of the vehicle.

Advantages of GPS Tracker Fleet Management Solution

(1)Control the operation of the vehicle

It can solve the problem that vehicle operation cannot be continuously monitored and passively respond to vehicle failures.

(2)Improve the safety of transport vehicles:

It can solve the problem that the vehicle cannot be positioned and tracked, and the safety of the vehicle cannot be guaranteed.

(3)Improve the overall business operation efficiency:

It can solve the problems of wide business area, many vehicles, large amount of information, difficult information communication and low communication efficiency.