Logistics truck GPS Positioning Tracking Application

2022-08-12/ By Admin

Logistics Truck GPS Positioning Market Demand

Logistics trucks have many transportation nodes, and information sharing is difficult, which can easily lead to management problems in logistics enterprises. How to achieve information transparency and optimize the accuracy of scheduling is a problem that many logistics companies have always hoped to improve.

How to effectively monitor each truck in transit? It has always been the key to maximizing the benefits of logistics enterprises. SKYLAB launched a GPS positioning system solution for logistics trucks. The logistics enterprise combines the management platform to carry out the visual management of the transportation vehicles. As a result, enterprises can achieve precise optimization of vehicle scheduling.

Logistics Truck GPS Locator Tracking Application

In order to solve the management difficulties of vehicles in the logistics and freight industry during transportation, many logistics companies have installed SKYLAB 4G GPS locators. Enterprises can monitor the whole process of logistics truck transportation.

The locator system can record the real-time status, location, etc. of the actually carried vehicles and goods during transportation. The GPS positioning system can promote the visual and dynamic management of the logistics and freight industry.

Logistics Truck GPS Positioning Tracking Solution

SKYLAB provides GPS positioning management solutions specially designed for asset logistics. Using the IoT smart terminal as the communication portal, the system collects the status of logistics vehicles and goods. The system collects information including location, trajectory, alarm, and internal and external monitoring. Enterprises can track and monitor logistics vehicles in real time.

The GPS positioning system has a variety of alarm functions such as vehicle power failure alarm, unloading alarm, overspeed alarm, and shedding alarm. Enterprises can find out and deal with problems during the transportation of trucks in a timely manner. Through this system, real-time information such as vehicle position, trajectory, and status can be collected. It can not only effectively regulate the driver's driving behavior, but also ensure the safety of the whole process of transportation.

Functional Advantages Of GPS Positioning System For Logistics Trucks

1、Multiple positioning real-time tracking

GPS+BDS signal can quickly and accurately lock the vehicle position. Enterprises can view the geographic location and driving information of vehicles in real time. In the transportation process with long driving distance and complex vehicle conditions, the positioning system can help logistics enterprises manage vehicles in a unified manner.

2、Electronic fence standard route

The GPS positioning system can set up electronic fences for important nodes and passing cities on the transportation route. The vehicle entry and exit system will sound an alarm. This can effectively standardize the driver's driving route and prevent the driver from using the bus for private use. In the same way, enterprises can also regulate and manage the operating areas of designated vehicles.

Abnormal alarm to prevent violations

(1)During transportation, when the driver is speeding, the GPS positioning system will pop up an alarm and upload information.

(2)During transportation, if the vehicle stays for a long time due to the driver being lazy, the GPS system will upload the alarm information.

(3)During transportation, when the driver's truck drives privately across the area, the GPS positioning system pops up an alarm and uploads the information.

(4)During transportation, if the positioning device is found maliciously removed, the GPS positioning system will pop up an alarm and upload information.

Historical track Itinerary traceability

The GPS positioning system can query the historical driving trajectories of logistics vehicles. When there is a problem on the way of freight, the company can trace the itinerary in time.