How to Choose a Low-power WiFi Module?

2022-07-22/ By Admin

Many customers do not know how to choose when purchasing WIFI modules. SKYLAB FAE engineers will recommend WiFi modules according to customer application requirements. For example, there are WiFi modules for 4G routing, WiFi modules for IoT, WiFi modules for smart homes, and WiFi modules for drones. In this article, SKYLAB briefly introduces the considerations for the selection of low-power WiFi modules.

How to Choose a Low-power WiFi Module?

What factors should be considered when purchasing a WiFi module?

WiFi module selection needs to consider product application and WiFi module parameters. WiFi module parameters need to pay attention to these 4 points: the transmission power, transmission rate, transmission distance, and reception sensitivity of the WiFi module.

1、Transmit power of WiFi module

Under different wireless protocols, the transmit power is different. The general transmit power of SKYLAB's WiFi module is around +18dBm. For high-power WiFi modules, the transmit power is around +28dBm. The transmit power of the SKYLAB low-power WiFi module is +18dBm.

2、Transmission rate of WiFi module

According to different protocols and the hardware configuration of the module itself, the transmission rate of the WiFi module will be different. Among them, the WiFi module that supports MIMO technology has a higher transmission rate. The transmission rate of the SKYLAB low-power WiFi module is 150Mbps.

3、Transmission distance of WiFi module

The transmission distance of the WiFi module is also very important. Most WiFi developers will consider this factor. The transmission distance of the SKYLAB low-power WiFi module is 150M.

4、Receive sensitivity of WiFi module

Receiver sensitivity refers to the minimum signal level that the receiver can detect under the condition that the signal-to-noise ratio is required before the demodulator of the receiver. Receiving sensitivity is a parameter that characterizes the receiving performance of the test object. The better the WiFi module's receiving sensitivity, the more useful signals it will receive. It had more wireless coverage that day. The receiving sensitivity of the SKYLAB low-power WiFi module is -91dBm.

How to choose a suitable WiFi module manufacturer?

The selection of WiFi module manufacturers can adhere to the "Q.C.D.S" principle of supplier development and selection. That is, the principle of paying equal attention to quality, cost, delivery and service.

How to choose a suitable WiFi module manufacturer?

1、Quality of WiFi module

WiFi module is the core of wireless video transmission scheme. The quality of the module directly determines the quality of video transmission. The quality of the WiFi module is good, and it is the real responsibility to the user. SKYLAB maintains cooperation with well-known chip manufacturers such as MediaTek, Realtek, Qualcomm, and Espressif. The WiFi module developed and launched by SKYLAB has good quality and high performance. SKYLAB's R&D team and quality team ensure that every piece of WiFi module that leaves the factory is a qualified product.

2、Cost of WiFi module

When purchasing WiFi modules, you should consider cost-effective manufacturers. The WiFi module developed by SKYALB based on the chip solution has various functions and stable performance. SKYALB provides customers with cost-effective WiFi modules. It can effectively shorten the R&D cycle of customer products and save R&D costs.

3、WiFi module manufacturers' delivery capabilities

The production capacity of WiFi module manufacturers directly determines the stability of later supply. SKYLAB has always insisted on ensuring spot inventory. Moreover, each WiFi module of SKYLAB is equipped with a Demo board, which is convenient for customers to test and develop. SKYALB can meet the needs of customers from samples/small batches/large batches of WiFi modules.

4、WiFi module manufacturer service level

An experienced team can give customers more professional advice. SKYLAB has an experienced FAE technical team and WiFi R&D team. The SKYLAB technical team can give customers more professional advice and provide real-time technical support. SKYLAB can meet the customer's WiFi module function customization development and after-sales service needs.