Why is blue tooth 4.2 LE modules great value for money?

2021-11-01/ By Admin

When we talk about technology in retail, a lot of people already associate it with virtual stores and apps. However, the physical points of sale are also already benefiting a lot from the possibilities offered by the solutions that reach the market. One of them is blue tooth 4.2 LE modules beacons technology.

blue tooth 4.2 LE modules

This tool is already famous among by other companies and sectors, with retail being one of the main ones. That's because it contributes a lot to improving the customer experience, strengthening the relationship and creating a personalized interaction. In other words, everything the modern consumer expects today.

On which principle blue tooth 4.2 LE modules interact?

Bluetooth 4.2 LE modules are relocation tools for indoor environments. Its principle is in the interaction between devices and people, being one of the strong trends of the Internet of Things concept. As the name suggests, they function as a blue tooth device that consumes less power but is able to identify other mobile devices nearby.

Thus, when it comes on an establishment, blue tooth beacons emit radio waves with better penetration into the walls of the premises. When a customer enters the premises, his smartphone immediately becomes the receiver of the signals.

What is the purpose of blue tooth 4.2 LE modules?

Imagine that the customer in question is entering your establishment without any commitment, just to pass the time.  If he has the store's shopping app and is blue tooth 4.2 LE modules enabled, the blue tooth beacons can send him a current offer for that day. It may sound very simple, but believe me, it makes all the difference.

Receiving an offer instantly, in addition to surprising this customer and making them pay more attention to your establishment, is something that creates a feeling of exclusivity and omissible opportunity. The chances of that customer completing a purchase will be much higher after this action. Signaling the blue tooth beacons directly on your cell phone is the first step towards a differentiated experience.

What are the advantages of using blue tooth 4.2 LE modules?

No matter what type of business you are, there are many advantages involved in using blue tooth 4.2 LE modules. In addition to being an innovation differential, we can mention, for example:

Great value for money

Bluetooth beacons are not expensive devices. But despite being a very simple technology, they can be transformative for your business. They make the relevant information reach its destination in an agile and instant way, without even needing an internet connection.

The cost of the blue tooth beacons technology is affordable, and the device, which works as a Wi-Fi router, is easy to install on walls or products, according to the location that provides the maximum functioning of the device.

Differential for the brand

The more differentiated and unique a customer's experience is, the more a brand will be special to them. The retail market, for example, is very competitive.

There are several brands fighting for the consumer's attention and he often gets tired of always seeing the same thing.

The moment you invest in a solution that innovates, in some way, the path of the purchase journey, you are already ahead of the competition. Blue tooth 4.2 LE modules technology offers this advantage.

Personalized service

In addition to notifying the customer instantly, which is already something incredible and that captures the attention of this consumer, it is also possible to customize this service with blue tooth beacons.

That's because the device can retrieve his relationship history with your company, increasing the chances of sale. After all, special conditions and exclusive offers are always powerful attractions!

Agile business management

Bluetooth beacons technology is also very useful in business management. With badges and equipment associated with this technology, it is possible to find employees more easily, achieving efficiency in the traceability of people.

Blue tooth 4.2 LE modules can also be common to control access to certain company locations, record their stay by hours and hours, and quickly locate people in the event of an emergency. Especially in industries, these functionalities are very useful, facilitating the management of people within the industrial plant.

How can blue tooth 4.2 LE modules be common at your POS?

So far we could see that blue tooth beacons have very promising potential, right? But if you work in retail and really want to understand how this technology can increase your sales, know that the possibilities go beyond a notification on your cell phone.

It is possible to include a whole strategy behind this, directing your marketing and attraction campaigns in order to win over customers who pass through your store. Look:

1. Customer behavior analysis

blue tooth 4.2 LE modules 2021

Do you know how your audience behaves when they are inside your store? What kinds of products does he spend the most time looking at and how long on average does he usually stay inside? This kind of information is very useful! Dwell time is easy to compare to a bounce rate, for example, and blue tooth 4.2 LE modules can provide this information.

The consumer who enters, glances over the products quickly and leaves the store without stopping at any point, shows that he didn't like anything he saw there or was simply indifferent.

2. Analysis of the conversion of the blue tooth 4.2 LE modules showcase

The window is a store's calling card. Its goal is to be attractive enough that the customer decides to enter the store and see what's inside. With so many windows on the streets, how do you know if yours is really standing out? They help you assess your window's conversion.

By monitoring the movement of nearby customers, it is possible to identify how many stopped in front of blue tooth 4.2 LE modules and actually entered the store afterwards. If this number is too low, for example, it's worth thinking about a more robust strategy and investing more in the look of this very important space in your establishment.

3. Lightning blue tooth 4.2 LE modules offers

The consumer loves a lightning offer, right? Imagine the impact of receiving one directly on your cell phone as you approach the store!

This is a way to use blue tooth beacons to capture the customer and bring him into the establishment, increasing the chances of conversion.

4. Relationship

The push notifications issued by the blue tooth 4.2 LE modules signal need not be for sales purposes only. They also serve to show the customer that the brand cares about the public and their presence in the physical store.

Therefore, a notification celebrating or thanking the visit of the customer who was willing to visit the store is a way to leave a good impression and also to differentiate yourself from the competition.