7 Common Mistakes Engineers Make in Bluetooth module SPI

2021-10-28/ By Admin

What are the types of embedded Bluetooth module SPI?

There are different types of embedded Bluetooth module SPI. About 15 years ago, when scientists released the first generation of the ZEAL series, there were still few manufacturers that handle Bluetooth, and it was an era when only large-scale projects could be sold. The Bluetooth modules available to engineers were very limited.


1 There is different types of Bluetooth modules. Having choices can lead to selection mistakes

2 What is a blank module? How is it different from the complete module?

3 Benefits of blank module

4 Disadvantages and failure examples of blank modules

5 Blank modules is a Bluetooth module for intermediate and advanced users

Bluetooth module SPI

Nowadays, due to technological progress and changes in the environment surrounding manufacturers, the number of manufacturers and the lineup of Bluetooth modules have increased, and the choices of engineers, for better or for worse, have increased.

Why selection mistakes have been made by engineers?

For better or for worse, it's good for engineers to have more choices, but on the other hand, with the introduction of "advanced modules" into the lineup, engineers haven't mastered the Bluetooth module SPI, and as a result. There have been cases where selection mistakes have make.

In fact, there are quite a few engineers who consult with Wireless.com because they cannot solve the problem because they make a selection without understanding the characteristics of the module. (Although I selected a module other than the ZEAL series, it didn't work and I consulted with wireless.com)

Why Bluetooth module SPI is becoming popular?

This time, we will take up a blank module, which is one of the types of Bluetooth modules. The number of engineers who choose Bluetooth module SPI is increasing because they tend to think that they have only merits, but there are many cases in which problems occur later because they are selected without understanding the disadvantages that are often overlooked.

Please understand the advantages and disadvantages of blank modules and use them as a reference when selecting a module that will not fail.

What is a blank module? How is it different from the complete module?

The Bluetooth radio is the "hardware part such as Bluetooth IC and antenna" and the "software part such as protocol stack and firmware", and the Bluetooth function realizes only when these two combine. Bluetooth module SPI communication is easy to realize immediately by simply connecting to a microcomputer via UART.

Wireless.com has named it the "Complete Bluetooth Module" in the sense that it meets all the elements needed for Bluetooth. Generally speaking, when you hear the word "Bluetooth module", many engineers may imagine this complete Bluetooth module, but there are some Bluetooth modules that do not have software, that is, only hardware. We call it a blank module in the world.

Blank module needs to be made by the software department

Since the blank module does not have software, it will not work as its purchase. You will be able to perform Bluetooth module SPI communication for the first time by creating (developing) the protocol stack and firmware yourself and writing the software to the module by yourself.

On the flip side, you can freely customize the software to suit your system requirements, and the biggest feature is that you can create your own Bluetooth module.

Benefits of blank modules

First, I would like to introduce the advantages of the blank module. No need for an external microcomputer. In the case of the complete Bluetooth module, the Bluetooth module controls from the external microcomputer on which the higher-level application installs. The higher-level application itself is easy to mount on the blank module.

Bluetooth module SPI 2021

 If the microcomputer is no longer important, the Bluetooth module SPI size is easy to reduce by the amount of space that the microcomputer is no longer important. Furthermore, the cost is easy to reduce by the unit price of the microcomputer.

Is it possible to customize the behavior of Bluetooth?

Although there are restrictions on the Bluetooth standard and authentication, it is possible to customize the behavior related to Bluetooth wireless to some extent according to the requirements.

Why apparent Bluetooth module SPI price is cheap?

For Bluetooth module manufacturers, the "apparent module unit price" tends to be lower than the complete Bluetooth module SPI. The cost of the software department is easy to reduce (development cost, inspection cost, support cost, etc.).

However, since you will be responsible for the various costs. The module manufacturer originally bears. It is a case-by-case basis which best total cost.

Disadvantages and failure examples of blank modules

Next, I will introduce the disadvantages of the blank module and the failure example of the engineer. He chooses the blank module or Bluetooth module SPI without understanding the disadvantages. In-house firmware development is important. Increased development and maintenance costs

There is a development cost for the software part. In addition, you will be responsible for any defects found in the software part, and management and maintenance costs will also incur.

Who will do the Bluetooth module SPI firmware writing work?

Since there is no firmware on the blank module, it is necessary to write the firmware for each module. This means that the manufacturing process for mass production will increase by one. In that case, of course, it is necessary to check the operation. We often overlook this.

As a result, when the writing work and inspection costs take into consideration, there are cases where the total cost is not as low as expected. The labor and responsibility increases also. If you choose a Bluetooth module SPI for the purpose of cost reduction, the cost merit will not use unless the project has a considerable quantity. And it may even be expensive. Please be careful.

Why do we need Bluetooth module SPI?

BLE devices, which are an acronym for Bluetooth Low Energy, are beacons that communicate with mobile apps via radio signals. They are able to use less energy than a regular Bluetooth module SPI and are constantly in sleep mode when there is no active connection.

The beacon is an accurate and secure technology. Working well indoors and outdoors, its transmission can range from 1 to 70 meters, and in some cases up to 450 meters.