Application Solution Of Drones In Fire Rescue

2022-11-04/ By Admin

The market demand of fire-fighting drones in fire rescue

Every year fires bring huge economic losses to the people of the world. Every time there is a fire situation, firefighters have to fight on the front line. Firefighters face life-threatening danger at the complex disaster scene.

Application Solution Of Drones In Fire Rescue

In recent years, with the frequent occurrence of fires, the number of high-rise buildings in cities is increasing. Therefore, the firefighter rescue work increased the difficulty. Industrial development has also led to frequent leakage of flammable and explosive chemicals. Fire rescue work is facing unprecedented challenges. For this problem, fire drone rescue is undoubtedly the best solution.

Advantages of drones in fire rescue

The fire-fighting drone adopts an advanced flight control platform. It is matched with the ground station system of real-time transmission, which can realize long-term aerial monitoring. The drone has functions such as inspection path planning, intelligent analysis, fixed-point continuous monitoring, and fire alarm. The advantages of drones are the following three points.

The drone is maneuverable and flexible

UAVs are small and lightweight, easy to carry and flexible to control. UAVs have very low requirements for take-off conditions and can easily deal with complex disaster rescue sites. In addition, the drone is easy to operate, and only 1-2 people can easily complete the operation task.

The drone has a comprehensive view

The UAV can realize over-the-horizon control, so as to have a comprehensive monitoring field of vision. According to the actual situation of the fire scene, the operator can use the drone for multi-angle shooting and monitoring. Drones can also carry thermal infrared cameras for personnel searches.

The drone is safe and reliable

In a complex fire scene, it is easy for firefighters to enter the scene blindly. Firefighters can assess the scene through images sent back by the drone. This allows firefighters to develop a targeted rescue plan.

Functional application of drones in fire rescue

Drones can survey fire areas

After the fire broke out, the affected area was wide, and the firefighters did not know the scene of the accident. Firefighters can use drones to fly to the scene of the accident for filming and surveying. He can understand the scene information through the video sent back by the drone, so as to formulate the rescue work.

Drones can drop disaster relief supplies

UAVs already have a certain mount capability. The drone can carry a weight of up to 10kg. In times of disaster, drones can drop life-saving ropes and medical supplies.

Drones can shout to evacuate crowds

Fire accidents on highways cause congestion, and police cars will be very difficult to pass. Traffic police can use drones to shout to evacuate vehicles.

Drones can perform chemical gas detection

In a fire chemical leakage accident, firefighters need to first determine the precise location and gas type of the chemical leakage. In the past, this work was done manually, and firefighters were required to wear air respirators. Firefighters must confirm the scene and evacuate in time, the situation is very dangerous. Now, firefighters can use drones to carry detectors for chemical gas detection.