Application Of Bluetooth Sensor Beacon For Temperature Monitoring

2022-11-03/ By Admin

What Is A Bluetooth Beacon?

A Bluetooth beacon is a radio transmitter, also called a broadcaster. Bluetooth beacons use Bluetooth Low Energy technology to broadcast signals around and send them to other nearby smart devices. Generally, beacons need battery power.

Smartphones that support Bluetooth can scan and receive these signals. Simply put, Bluetooth beacons broadcast and transmit information to smart devices.

How Does The Bluetooth Beacon Work?

The Bluetooth beacon device structure is very simple. Each device includes CPU, radio and battery.

An antenna is installed on the CPU of the Bluetooth beacon. It can broadcast electromagnetic waves with a specific length and frequency. It works by repeating the broadcast identifier.

What is the principle of Bluetooth sensor beacon temperature monitoring?

The sensor Beacon temperature detection solution is mainly composed of beacon and Beacon APP. It mainly transfers data via Bluetooth.

The sensor Beacon can collect and monitor the ambient temperature. It uses the way of Bluetooth broadcasting to realize 24-hour monitoring through the mobile phone AP.

The Bluetooth gateway uploads the Beacon data to the server. It can achieve precise localization and temperature acquisition on a local scale.

Sensor beacon temperature detection application process

SKYLAB has developed a number of beacons with temperature sensors. SKYLAB's sensor beacons mainly include VDB1611 and VDB1618.

VDB1611 is equipped with SH31 temperature and humidity sensor based on beacon. So VDB1611 is a distributed sensor. You can deploy it in certain occasions. It can collect temperature and humidity data in the environment.

There are openings on the top of the Beacon product shell, which is convenient for monitoring temperature and humidity. It broadcasts the collected data packets through the ble broadcast protocol. The temperature and humidity sampling frequency defaults to sampling once per minute.

Sensor beacon temperature detection application process

If there is also a Bluetooth gateway in the nearby environment, it can scan and collect the broadcast information of iBeacon. The bluetooth gateway uploads the collected data to the cloud server through Ethernet, wireless WiFi or 4G/5G network.

What are the sensor beacon products?

(1)With accelerometer and temperature and humidity sensor beaconVDB1611

VDB1611 is a bluetooth beacon with accelerometer and temperature and humidity sensor. Its broadcast protocol conforms to the BLE broadcast protocol. Including iBeacon (Apple) and Eddystone (Google) two protocols.

The VDB1611 chip solution adopts Nordic nRF52832. The VDB1611 sensor can sample temperature, humidity and acceleration information in real time. It then periodically broadcasts to the surrounding environment.

(2)Bluetooth Beacon VDB1618 with temperature and humidity sensor

The VDB1618 chip solution uses the BLE 4.2 Nordic platform. It integrates a three-axis acceleration sensor and a temperature and humidity sensor.

VDB1618 beacon It can broadcast and collect ambient temperature and humidity data. The Bluetooth gateway transmits the temperature, humidity, and acceleration information collected by the beacon to the platform. Bluetooth beacon realizes 24-hour uninterrupted monitoring of the environment.