Application Of UWB Positioning Technology In Warehouse Management

2022-10-31/ By Admin

In recent years, the world economy has developed rapidly. Manufacturing enterprises and large supermarkets have increased demand for logistics and warehousing business year by year. Most warehousing companies face many problems, and modern warehousing needs to become more intelligent.

Application Of UWB Positioning Technology In Warehouse Management

Most warehousing companies face management problems

(1)Material asset management

A lot of goods go in and out of storage every day. Whether it is the category or quantity of items, it is very difficult to manage the warehouse. The frequent movement of goods in the factory makes it difficult to find the goods.

There needs to be a solution to accurately locate the material location. Managers can grasp the movement of items in real time. When managers retrieve materials, they can be found quickly.

(2)Forklift and personnel safety

There may be a large number of forklifts operating in the warehouse area. Workers move back and forth, goods come in and out. In such a scenario, there are great safety risks for personnel and forklifts.

It is possible that the driver may not be aware of colliding assets or personnel. Workers may also accidentally bump into a forklift. Businesses need a solution for instant alerts before danger occurs.

SKYLAB is a UWB positioning system manufacturer.Enterprises can use UWB precise positioning technology to realize warehouse management. UWB technology has the advantages of fast transmission speed, low power consumption, high security and high positioning accuracy.

Warehouse UWB Positioning Management Solution

(1)Material asset UWB positioning management

When the item enters the factory warehouse, the worker installs the UWB positioning tag on the item. Through the communication between the tag and the UWB base station, the system can track the position of the asset in real time. The UWB positioning system can also support track playback.

The staff checks the information of a certain material in the background. The UWB system can clearly present the material movement trajectory within a certain time interval. Accurately view according to the display position of the platform to solve the difficult problem of finding materials.

(2)Personnel and forklift UWB collision avoidance management

In the storage area, personnel wear UWB tag badges or wristbands. Forklifts install UWB labels for real-time positioning. When personnel are closer to the mobile forklift, the wristband will alarm. Or people approaching the divided dangerous electronic fence area will also alarm.

After the forklift is installed with the UWB tag, it can accurately calculate its position with the target. It can help the forklift avoid colliding with materials, colliding with people, and entering dangerous areas. When the forklift is too close to materials or people or dangerous areas, the forklift tag will alert the driver. The driver reacts in time to avoid danger.