GPS Tracking Management Application For Large Trucks

2022-10-28/ By Admin

GPS tracker market demand for big trucks

Because of the large truck loads, it is very easy for serious accidents to occur. In recent years, there have been a lot of news reports about big truck crashes. The situation of each launch car accident is extremely serious.

Therefore, the whole society is extremely concerned about the safe driving of trucks. Besides vehicle safety configuration and safe driving, what other techniques can reduce truck traffic accidents?

With the rapid development of GPS and Beidou positioning technology, companies can use GPS trackers to enhance the management of truck positioning.

GPS tracker application solution for big trucks

SKYLAB is the Chinese manufacturer of vehicle tracker. In recent years, SKYLAB has developed and launched very many GPS vehicle trackers, including 2G tracker, 3G tracker and 4G tracker.

Compared with short-distance transportation vehicles, large trucks running long distances are more dangerous. The speed of big trucks is too fast and easy to cause car accidents. Drivers are prone to fatigue when driving for a long time. Even when the vehicle is resting in the service area, it may encounter theft of gasoline.

Big trucks can rely on GPS trackers for alerts now. Car GPS locator has powerful warning function. It can easily capture the trajectory of the vehicle, travel time and travel direction, etc. The tracker can generate alerts when the vehicle is speeding, the driver is fatigued or when gasoline is stolen.

The warning function is a unique feature of all GPS locators. But a big truck running long distance is different from other vehicles. It requires the GPS locator to be able to work continuously under the long-term high temperature environment. Therefore SKYLAB has launched a special GPS locator for trucks.

What are the functions of GPS tracker for big trucks?

1. Real-time positioning.

Through the GPS tracker real-time positioning, the administrator can know the running status of the vehicle at any time. You can directly view it, including the specific location of the vehicle, the speed of travel, etc.

Tracker positioning function can also play the effect of anti-theft. You can install the GPS tracker in the hidden location of the vehicle. When the vehicle is stolen, the tracker will send out an alarm.

2. Track Playback.

GPS tracker is generally able to record 90 days of the vehicle's journey. Users can find the tracks the vehicle traveled during this time through the replay function.

3. Overspeed alarm

GPS tracker will record the speeding of the vehicle. As long as the vehicle of dangerous chemical delivery exceeds the speed limit, it will alarm. The traffic police management will issue a ticket when they see the vehicle exceed the degree.

4. Electronic fence

The manager can set a driving area on the map. If the vehicle goes in and out of the area for alarm, the fleet manager can find and tell the driver in time.

5. Distance calculation

Within the set time period, users can calculate the distance the vehicle travels, and can calculate the average fuel consumption based on the amount of fuel added. We need to be reminded that the data may be inaccurate because the GPS may present dropped line, unpositioned, drift, track compensation and other conditions.

6. Fuel consumption calculation

Through the optional fuel consumption detector, real-time detection of the remaining fuel and fuel consumption status, generating distance and fuel consumption correspondence table to avoid drivers stealing fuel and false accounts.