How to Use WIFI Dimmer Module Effectively?

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WIFI Dimmer Module

What is WIFI dimmer module?

WIFI dimmer module is a tool with a physical structure similar to a USB that provides WIFI to a desktop or laptop computer through a USB port. Its working mechanism is to receive waves from modems, modules. It transmits WIFI waves to the machine stably, without network drops or lag.

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Structure of USB WIFI

On the market today, there are many types of WIFI module. In general, they all have a basic structure including 3 main parts

  • The first is the plug to connect to the USB port on the computer. They design to be similar to the USB storage devices that you normally use.
  • The next part is a WIFI dimmer module with the main function of providing WIFI connection to the device. This is an important part that every WIFI module must have.
  • Finally, the electronic microchip of WIFI module. It is the brain that handles WIFI connections and broadcasts.

Although there are some products equipped with antennas that support WIFI reception, only a few. The rest, the internal chip still has to take care of this job.

WIFI module Functions

The name WIFI module has said all its uses. It can be divided into 2 main tasks that this tool undertakes:

  • Tune / Receive WIFI waves from the original WIFI modems and modules
  • Then it will transmit the received WIFI wave to other devices to share with stable speed without messy cables.

Classification of WIFI dimmer module

Although there are many types of WIFI module on the market, they all fall into three main categories:

  • Type 1: USB with WIFI broadcasting function. It will work by taking the Internet available on the user's server and converting it into WIFI waves. This device is suitable for those who often need to share WIFI for surrounding devices to share.
  • Type 2: USB is responsible for receiving WIFI signal. Moreover, this is the most popular type today and is chosen by many people to buy. Its working principle is to search for available WIFI waves around, then connect to the network.
  • Type 3: This is a 2-in-1 WIFI dimmer module capable of both receiving and transmitting WIFI, flexibly switching functions. This product line is quite convenient and meets all needs related to WIFI.

WIFI module has all 3 main types: receiver, module and combination of both functions

Is WIFI module good? What are the advantages and disadvantages?


  • Compact and convenient size, easy to carry anywhere. Suitable for people who often have to move.
  • The USB connection allows WIFI module to be easily compatible with all types of computers.
  • Most types of WIFI dimmer module come from reputable big brands with good quality and affordable prices.

WIFI module possesses many convenient advantages


  • WIFI module is an intermediate WIFI receiver and module. Its network speed will certainly not be as strong as when you connect directly to the source WIFI. In addition, there are limitations from the surrounding environment.
  • With WIFI module lines that do not equip with receiving and broadcasting antennas. The distance will be somewhat limited. You should only use it within a range like a home or office to ensure stable network quality.
  • The network speed is somewhat limited. You certainly cannot use WIFI from this device to play online games that require great network speed.

WIFI Dimmer Module 2022 

Reasons to use WIFI dimmer module

On some current desktop computers, there is usually no built-in WIFI card to receive WIFI signal. Instead of having to use cables to connect, a WIFI module will be extremely convenient to support your work.

Besides, it can also be used for laptops that unfortunately have damaged WIFI cards. Moreover, you don't want to go instead because it costs quite a lot and the internal components may also affect.

How to use WIFI module effectively?

Install the driver for the computer

To use WIFI connections on your computer, you must first set up the driver on the machine through the manufacturer's website or support software. Reinstalling the WIFI Driver will help WIFI dimmer module receive WIFI waves. It connects to the network quickly for use.

You can refer to the details of how to install the driver for your computer through the article below:

How to download and install WIFI Driver for Windows computers when lost?

First, if you want to connect, you must install the driver for your computer

  • Step 1: Connect WIFI dimmer module to the computer through the USB port. At this time, the machine will recognize and automatically respond thanks to the previously installed driver.
  • Then click on the network connection icon on your computer > A list of available WIFI networks appears > Select the Add to Profile item > Select the WIFI device name and go to the next step.
  • Step 2: The Wireless Network Properties settings window will appear > In the Network key section, enter the password of the WIFI you need to connect to.

So, you have set up the network for WIFI module and you can use the network easily.

Notes when choosing to buy USB WIFI

- You should choose to buy WIFI dimmer module models from large, reputable manufacturers such as Skylab to ensure quality, durability as well as stable operation, higher speed.

Please check that the WIFI module is compatible with the operating system that your computer is running or not. Most current WIFI module models support computers using Windows 10 or later.

If you need to use WIFI module to be able to both receive and broadcast WIFI, you should choose the type that integrates both of these capabilities to be more convenient for the use process as well as to save costs.

Where to buy best dimmer module?

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