Low-power UART WiFi Module Smart Home Solution

2022-03-23/ By Admin

In smart homes and smart buildings in the field of IoT, smart lighting plays a pivotal role. To design a smart lighting solution with competitive advantages, it is necessary to consider many aspects such as LED drive, communication, and energy efficiency. Make the smart lighting solution more efficient Close to energy saving, environmental protection and convenient and fast intelligent life.

SKYLAB provides intelligent lighting solutions based on domestic TR6260 chip and low-power UART WiFi module. It helps designers to realize dimmable intelligent lighting solutions controlled by ultra-low-power WiFi.

Low-power UART WiFi Module Smart Home Solution

How to Control Smart Lighting with Low Power WiFi Module?

The low-power serial port WiFi module LCS6260 is built into the LED light. The user downloads the color control light APP on the mobile phone and reads the LED light information. Try pairing, and send light-on, light-off and color adjustment requests to the server. The server sends instructions to the mobile phone, and the mobile phone receives the instructions. Send the command to the LED light via WiFi. In locations that are not covered by the WiFi signal of the router, LED lights can also be controlled through 3G/4G/5G access. So as to realize WiFi low power consumption control intelligent lighting.

Features of IoT UART WiFi Module LCS6260

LCS6260 is SKYLAB's IoT serial WiFi module based on the TR6260 solution.

(1) Work in the 2.4GHz frequency range
(2) The transmit power is +18dBm
(3) The physical rate is 72.2Mbps
(4) Support 3.3V power supply
(5) Support low power consumption mode
(6) Very low power consumption
(7) Power saving mode supports standby/sleep mode
(8) Support PWM interface,
(9) PWM regulation
(10) Three-color LED adjustment
(11) Motor speed regulation

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