IoT Application of UART WiFi Bluetooth Combination Module

2022-03-17/ By Admin

There are two important technologies in the smart home scenario. One is WiFi technology with high speed, high bandwidth, and long-distance advantages. The other is Bluetooth technology with low power consumption and support for serial port transparent transmission. The smart home market has developed rapidly in recent years. The number of smart home devices with WiFi and Bluetooth technology is also growing. The demand for WiFi-Bluetooth combo modules is also gradually increasing.

In this article, SKYLAB will take you to understand the IOT application of the low-power serial port WiFi Bluetooth combination module LCS2028 module.

Application scenarios of WiFi Bluetooth combination module LCS2028

The LCS2028 module is a low-cost WiFi+Bluetooth combination module integrating 2.4GHz single-band 802.11b/g/n WiFi and dual-mode 5.1 Bluetooth solutions. It can support AP and STA dual-role connections and supports both classic Bluetooth and low-energy Bluetooth connections. 32-bit MCU running at speeds up to 120 MHz and built-in 256 KB RAM. It can make the chip support cloud connection, and the module support IPv4, TCP/UDP/HTTP/FTP and other network protocols. The LCS2028 module can meet the realization of smart home application scenarios. It can be used for temperature and humidity data collection, data transparent transmission, data uploading to the cloud, control command issuance, remote control and other applications.

IoT Application of low-power UART WiFi Bluetooth Combination Module

The working principle of the WiFi Bluetooth combination module LCS2028

LCS2028 collects the data of the smart terminal device through Bluetooth and transmits the data to the WiFi part through the UART interface. Then upload the data to the server by WiFi. The user checks the data information through the mobile phone, and according to the actual needs, completes the control of the intelligent terminal device through the WiFi at home or remote control mode.

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