Features of nRF52840 Chip Bluetooth 5.0 Module

2022-03-16/ By Admin

The nRF52840 is a low-power 5.0 Bluetooth chip. It is a super upgraded version of nRF52832. However, the overall stability and performance of the nRF52840 chip have been greatly improved. Today we mainly introduce the functional characteristics of the nRF52840 Bluetooth 5.0 chip module.

nRF52840 Chip Bluetooth 5.0 Module

Features of Bluetooth 5.0 Module

Bluetooth 5.0 improves the transmission speed, communication distance and communication capacity. Bluetooth 5.0 series modules can be widely used in smart home, smart wearable devices, smart medical, automotive equipment, instrumentation and other fields. Its characteristics are as follows:

(1) The transmission distance is longer

The effective working distance of Bluetooth 5.0 can reach 300 meters, which is more power-saving than Wi-Fi. This makes the advantages of Bluetooth 5.0 modules used in smart home products very obvious. The longer transmission distance of the Bluetooth 5.0 module brings a more robust and reliable smart home IoT connection.

(2) The transmission speed is faster

The Bluetooth 5.0 module has a faster transmission speed, and the upper limit of the transmission speed is 24Mbps. It means that the data transmission between the smart wearable device embedded in the Bluetooth 5.0 module and the mobile phone and computer is more convenient and fast. Whether it is data synchronization or message push, it can be Bring a better experience to users.

(3) Lower battery power consumption

Compared with the Bluetooth 4.2 module, the Bluetooth 5.0 module greatly reduces power consumption. Lower power consumption means longer battery life for various wireless smart devices embedded with Bluetooth 5.0 modules. That is, devices such as smart watches, bracelets, smart hearing aids, and smart glasses can last longer.

(4) More extensive application

The performance of the Bluetooth 5.0 module has been improved in all aspects. It can serve smart home devices with lower power consumption and higher performance. In addition, it can expand the application of Bluetooth in wearable devices, industrial and IoT devices.

Features of nRF52840 Bluetooth chip

The RF52840 is an advanced, highly flexible single-chip solution. It is suitable for today's increasingly demanding ULP wireless applications. Used in our personal connected devices, connected living environments and the Internet of Things in general. The nRF52840 adds the best level of security to the CortexTM-M series. And is equipped with an on-chip ARM cryptographic accelerator.

The nRF52840 uses the same hardware and software architecture as the existing nRF52 series SoCs. At its core is the ARM Cortex-m4 processor. It allows for faster and more efficient computation of complexities. functions for DSP and those that require floating point math. Both FLASH and RAM have wide memory availability, 1MB/256KB respectively.

The nRF52840 is ready to take advantage of the arrival of the Bluetooth 5 specification. Considerable performance improvements over Bluetooth LE. On top of that it has a wider range of support for me (up to x4 compared to bluetooth 4.x). Over-the-air data rates have doubled from 1Mbps in bluetooth 4.x to 2Mbps.

Features of nRF52840 Bluetooth chip

(1) Support Thread wireless communication protocol
(2) Support Bluetooth 5.0 and multi-protocol
(3) Support Bluetooth 5.0 data rate: 2Mbs, 1Mbs, 500kbs, 125kbs
(4) 32-bit ARM Cortex M4F processor, 64MHz clock
(5) High-speed 2Mbs data rate
(6) Up to 104dB link budget
(7) Full Speed 12Mbs USB Controller
(8) On-chip NFC-A tag
(9) Application development independent of the protocol stack
(10) Output power -20dBm ~ 8dBm
(11) Receive sensitivity -96dBm
(12) Compatible with nRF52, nRF51, nRF24L, nRF24AP series air packets
(13) ARM TrustZone Cryptocell 310 Cryptographic Accelerator
(14) Wide supply voltage range: 1.7v ~ 5.5v
(15)SPI/UART/PWM interface
(16) 32M high-speed SPI interface
(17) All digital interfaces support EasyDMA
(18)12bit/200k SPS ADC
(19) 128-bit AES/ECB/CCM/AAR coprocessor
(20) Single-ended antenna output (on-chip balun)
(21) On-chip DC-DC step-down converter
(22) Quadrature Decoder (QDEC)
(23) All peripheral modules support independent power management
(24) Provide up to 25mA regulated current for external components

In summary

nRF52840 can be widely used in the field of short-distance wireless communication. It has the characteristics of low power consumption, small size, long transmission distance and strong anti-interference ability. Compared with nRF52832, it has larger Flash and RAM. 1MB Flash and 256kB RAM are integrated on-chip. Support Bluetooth 5.0, 802.15.4, ANT and 2.4GHz proprietary protocols. Also compatible with nRF51 and nRF24 series.

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