Which pet location tracker manufacturer recommends?

2022-11-30/ By Admin

With the improvement of human living standards, more and more families keep pets. We have also gradually begun to pay attention to the safety of pets.

Pets have also become a part of contemporary youth's life. How to prevent the loss of pets has become a concern of many people. Currently SKYLAB can provide location tracking solutions to prevent pets from being lost.

SKYLAB's pet location tracking solution

You can choose SKYLAB pets to wear GPS positioning equipment. The tracking locator has real-time positioning function. It can effectively monitor pets all day long. You can know the location information of your pet through your mobile phone.

We don't need to worry about pet loss. Even if it is lost, we can quickly find our pets through the GPS location tracker device.

What is GPS Pet Location Tracker?

The pet locator has a built-in GPS module and a mobile communication module. It is a device for pet location information positioning. Pets can directly wear the positioning tracker. Usually it is relatively small in size, light in weight, and easy to carry.

GPS pet locator is a product in the field of Internet of Things. It involves the application of many technologies, such as GPS positioning technology, software development technology and so on.

The principle of GPS pet location tracker

How does the pet locator work? We can think of a device as an information-gathering device.

The pet locator can transmit the location information data obtained by the GPS module to the server through the 2G/3G/4G network. You can call and view the data on the server through PC and mobile APP. So as to realize querying where the pet is.

The pet locator is mainly realized through GPS and LBS. We can call it dual positioning. The prerequisite for accurate positioning of the pet locator is that the surrounding GPS signal is good. Or the number of base stations is sufficient, and the distance from the positioning object is not too far.

Features of GPS Pet Location Tracker

(1) Dual positioning function

The positioning function is one of the most basic functions of the pet locator. Its positioning accuracy can reach up to five meters. It can realize the precise positioning of pets. The advantage of dual positioning is that when one positioning is invalid, another method will be automatically switched. It can achieve the effect of real-time tracking.

(2) Historical track query function

You can check the pet's whereabouts in real time through the computer and mobile APP. You can know the pet's activity area through the track.

(3) Electric fence alarm

You can set the safe range of pet activities for pets on the map. When it goes out of the safe range, your mobile APP will receive an alarm message.

(4) Built-in vibration function

The pet locator can also customize the vibration function according to the needs of customers. You can use this function to train pets and improve bad behaviors such as barking and running.

(5) Intelligent alarm

When the equipment carried by the pet is abnormal, the mobile APP will receive an alarm message. It can help us keep abreast of the operation status of the equipment.