How To Use GPS Location Tracker?

2022-12-06/ By Admin

GPS tracker is a portable terminal location positioning device. We can use the positioning platform or APP to accurately obtain the location information of the vehicle.

How do GPS tracking devices work?

A GPS tracker uses a network of GPS satellites to find where the device needs to be located. The basic principle is that a GPS tracker uses a method of trilateration to determine its physical location. It judges the position by needing its distance from three GPS satellites. We can accurately know the location of the device through the coordinate method.

However, there is still a difference between a GPS locator and a car navigation system. The navigation system provides you with location and driving directions. Whereas a tracking GPS tracker can record your driving habits or real-time location.

How to use GPS car tracker?

There are generally two types of vehicle trackers, which are divided into wired and wireless vehicle trackers.

The wired car GPS tracker is activated by plugging into the on-board diagnostic (OBD-II) connector. This OBD connector is usually located under the dash near the driver's leg. You don't need an external power supply, the car can continue to supply power to the device, and the use time is long. It is ideal for enterprise fleet management.

There are some car trackers that are designed to only plug into a cigarette lighter or accessory socket. This limits where you can install them. These trackers are easy to install and use.

Wireless car GPS trackers are generally powered by the device's internal battery. This means they can be installed almost anywhere and offer high flexibility. Since there is no external power source, this type of tracker must be removed and recharged periodically. Otherwise it will stop working.

How to view the location information of the car tracker?

After you install the GPS tracker in your vehicle, you need to register your account with the positioning platform. You enter the device IMEI and the activation code. You can then use the phone software to see its location in real time. No matter which type of positioning terminal device you choose, you need a SIM card.

What are the application scenarios of the car tracking locator?

You can use GPS car tracking device to know the vehicle location information. If your car is stolen but you have a tracker installed, you can give the police its exact location. The police quickly cracked the case and recovered your car.

To prevent corporate employees from privately using vehicles, GPS car trackers are an effective solution in fleet management. It can help enterprises manage vehicle assets efficiently and save labor costs.

Vehicle tracking devices are also very useful for owners of large car or truck fleets. They play back the historical driving trajectory through the device tracker. He can adjust the driving state and improve work efficiency. They can also count the driving mileage through the vehicle tracker for billing or reimbursement.