What are the product features of the car GPS locator?

2022-12-15/ By Admin

A car GPS locator is an electronic device used in the automotive industry. The car GPS locator can intelligently upload the vehicle location, set up electronic fences, remind the trailer to steal the car, remind the vehicle of abnormal vibration, overspeed alarm, power failure alarm and other functions. It can be used for car rental, logistics transportation, enterprise vehicle management, etc.

Car GPS locator is a terminal with built-in GPS module and mobile communication module. The positioning data obtained by the GPS module is transmitted to the server on the Internet through the mobile communication network. Users can query the location of the terminal on the computer or mobile phone.

Product principle of car GPS locator

The spatial distribution of GPS is composed of 24 GPS working satellites. These GPS-working satellites together form the GPS satellite constellation. Among them, 21 are satellites that can be used for navigation, and 3 are active spare satellites. These 24 satellites are distributed around the earth in six orbits with an inclination angle of 55°. The orbital period of the satellite is about 12 sidereal hours. Each GPS-working satellite sends out a signal for navigation and positioning. It is these signals that GPS users use to do their work.

There are basically two types of car GPS locator devices, magnetic and wired. The basics of magnetism are built-in batteries and strong magnets. Its advantage is that it is easy to install and can be attached to any place on the car body by magnets. The disadvantage is that the use of the battery is limited. The other is wire connection, which is directly connected to the power line in the car.

Car GPS Tracker Product Features

(1)Real-time positioning

Enterprise managers can locate the current location of the vehicle at any time. The map gives punctuation points where the located vehicle is located. Move the mouse to the punctuation point, and the system will give the vehicle information and location.

(2)Trajectory tracking

You only need to set a time period, and you can query the activity direction and trajectory of a certain car within this time period. The system gives the vehicle information of each punctuation, the positioning time and the description letter of the location at that time.

(3)Attendance report

You can set a time period to view yesterday's attendance status of all vehicles. You can also check the detailed attendance list of a certain car in a certain period of time. In the detailed attendance list, you can view the location time and location description information of all punctuation points. It supports excel table export, which is convenient for enterprise personnel management.

(4)System management

The software provides complete system setting management, and can flexibly set vehicle information. The system can group vehicles, and users at all levels can provide strict authority control to ensure information security.

(5)Electric fence

When the system is fortified, if the vehicle moves beyond the set range, an alarm will be triggered.

(6)Vibration alarm

In the fortified state, as long as the vehicle vibrates slightly, there will be a text message to notify the owner.

(7)Overspeed alarm

You can set the speed limit of the vehicle through SMS or online positioning platform. When the driving speed of the vehicle exceeds the speed limit, the tracker will send an overspeed alarm.

(8)Emergency help

The vehicle GPS locator is equipped with an SOS emergency call button. When the car owner or user encounters an emergency, they can press the SOS button.