Introduction To The Working Principle Of Bluetooth Gateway

2022-12-27/ By Admin

What is a Bluetooth gateway?

A Bluetooth gateway is a device that integrates the BLE protocol and the WiFi protocol. Some Bluetooth gateways also integrate wireless communication protocols such as 4G, 5G, Lora, and ZigBee. It is mainly used for docking with BLE Bluetooth devices. The Bluetooth and WiFi in the gateway are connected through the serial port.

How a Bluetooth Gateway Works?

The working principle of Bluetooth gateway docking with Bluetooth devices is divided into three steps:

Step 1: The Bluetooth part inside the Bluetooth gateway connects to the BLE terminal Bluetooth device. It scans and collects data from receiving Bluetooth devices.

Step 2: The received Bluetooth data is transmitted to WiFi through the serial port.

Step 3: The WiFi of the Bluetooth gateway transmits the data to the cloud platform through wireless WiFi.

The above three steps are the working principle of connecting the Bluetooth gateway to the Bluetooth device. Of course, there are still some customers who need to send data from the cloud management platform to Bluetooth devices.

Bluetooth gateways generally support three communication protocols: TCP, UDP, and MQTT. The gateway collects the data, usually packaged and transmitted to the cloud platform in JSON standard format.

Why develop a Bluetooth gateway?

The Bluetooth gateway is mainly to solve the problem that the BLE Bluetooth terminal device cannot be connected to the Internet to transmit data. A large number of BLE Bluetooth terminal devices will generate a lot of data every day. The Bluetooth device itself cannot access the network, and the Bluetooth gateway is specially developed for BLE Bluetooth terminal devices to access the network.

The Bluetooth gateway mainly plays the role of a bridge. On the one hand, it can be connected with Bluetooth terminal equipment. On the other hand, it can upload the received data to the server through wired or wireless way.

Which devices can the Bluetooth gateway connect to?

(1) Medical bluetooth device

Bluetooth blood pressure monitors, oximeters, blood sugar stickers, body temperature stickers, heart rate belts, sleep monitoring belts, Bluetooth smart mattresses, infusion sets, etc.

(2) Sensor equipment:

Such as temperature and humidity sensors, liquid level sensors, light sensors, door magnetic sensors, etc.;

(3) Bluetooth bracelet

Bluetooth devices also include Bluetooth bracelets, which usually collect data recorded by Bluetooth bracelets.

(4) Bluetooth beacon

The Bluetooth gateway connects to various Bluetooth beacons and collects the broadcast data of the beacons;

(5) Smart home devices

Bluetooth smart door locks, Bluetooth lighting fixtures, etc.

What is the function of the Bluetooth gateway?

(1) The Bluetooth gateway can analyze the broadcast data scanned to the Bluetooth device.

(2) The Bluetooth gateway collects the broadcast data of the Bluetooth device and uploads it to the IoT cloud platform.

(3) The Bluetooth gateway can monitor the existence of Bluetooth devices in real time.

(4) The Bluetooth gateway connects to the Bluetooth device, and performs data interaction through the Bluetooth gateway and the cloud platform.

(5) The Bluetooth gateway can also manage the connected Bluetooth devices.

(6) The Bluetooth gateway connects to the Bluetooth beacon to locate and manage personnel.