What are the principles and functions of Beidou short message communication

2024-06-03/ By Admin

The BeiDou short message is a unique feature of the BeiDou satellite navigation system. It allows users to communicate in both directions through Beidou satellite, even in areas without mobile network signal coverage, such as remote areas, oceans, etc., users can still send and receive a certain length of text information. This function is of great significance in emergency rescue, field operations, marine communication, and other fields, providing strong support for ensuring smooth communication and safety.

Beidou Module

The BeiDou short message has expanded the application scenarios and service capabilities of satellite navigation systems, reflecting the characteristics and advantages of the BeiDou system.

Specifically, Beidou short newspaper stationery has the following characteristics and significance:

It can achieve information exchange between user terminals and BeiDou satellites, and users can send short messages containing location, status, distress information, etc. to other BeiDou terminals or ground control centers. This enables effective information transmission even without conventional communication methods, enhancing the reliability and coverage of communication. In some special scenarios such as emergency rescue, navigation, and wilderness exploration, it can play a crucial role in ensuring the connection and safety of personnel with the outside world. At the same time, it also provides unique communication channels and solutions for some industry applications.

Principles and functions of Beidou short message communication

The user inputs the short message information to be sent through the Beidou terminal device. The terminal encodes and modulates this information, and then sends signals to the Beidou satellite through an antenna. After receiving the signal, the satellite processes and stores it. The ground control center will receive and manage the data uploaded by the satellite. When the target receiving terminal requests data, the ground control center sends the corresponding short message information to the satellite, which then forwards it to the designated receiving terminal. After receiving the satellite signal, the receiving terminal performs demodulation and decoding to obtain the original short message information.

Simply put, it means using satellites as relay for information transmission to achieve communication between users.

The characteristics and functions of Beidou short message communication are: global coverage is not limited by geography, communication can be achieved on a global scale, strong independence does not rely on ground communication network infrastructure, and good real-time performance can send and receive information in a timely manner.

Emergency rescue ensures that rescue personnel and disaster victims have contact with the outside world in situations such as disasters. Remote area communication provides a means of communication for areas such as remote areas and oceans that are not covered by conventional communication networks. Location reports can simultaneously send location information and textual content, facilitating location and information dissemination. Special industries such as geological exploration and marine fisheries play an important role in ensuring operational safety and information communication.