Introduction to Bluetooth gateways, what types of Bluetooth gateways are there

2024-05-31/ By Admin

A Bluetooth gateway is a device that integrates Bluetooth communication technology with other network communication technologies such as Wi Fi, Ethernet, etc. Paired with Bluetooth positioning tags, high-precision positioning requirements can be achieved, such as asset positioning, personnel positioning, etc., achieving meter level accuracy.

4G Bluetooth 4.2+Bluetooth 5.0 Gateway VDB2602

The protocol conversion of Bluetooth gateway can convert Bluetooth signals into data of other network protocols for interaction with different types of devices and systems. Effectively expanding the communication range of Bluetooth devices and overcoming the limitations of Bluetooth's own short distance communication. It can also manage and connect multiple Bluetooth devices simultaneously for centralized data processing and transmission. Facilitate the integration of Bluetooth devices with intelligent systems, IoT platforms, etc., to achieve intelligent control and management.

Bluetooth information collection and upload

According to the characteristics of the internal communication protocol, it is divided into 4.2 Bluetooth gateway and 5.0 Bluetooth gateway, which respectively integrate Bluetooth 4.2, 5.0, and 2.4GHz frequency band WiFi. Some models support 4G operator network wireless communication protocol. Bluetooth and WiFi communicate through serial ports to achieve data transmission. It supports WiFi wireless network, Ethernet wired network, and 4G communication networking to report data. In terms of power supply, it supports two power supply methods: POE switch and 3.5mm DC power supply (5V adapter). It can achieve distance coverage in an open environment of 50-70 meters, with PA and LNA indoor Bluetooth gateways added. The maximum Bluetooth transmission power can reach+20dBm, and the maximum scanning distance can reach about 150m.

Indoor Bluetooth gateway

The indoor Bluetooth gateway shell is a unified white shell, and the base can be separated, making installation and disassembly extremely convenient!

Supports up to two Bluetooth scanners (BLE4.2+BLE5.0), and can connect up to 8+20 Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

Outdoor Bluetooth gateway

The outdoor Bluetooth gateway housing is a unified explosion-proof housing, IP67 waterproof, dust-proof, explosion-proof, with external WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G/5GLTE antennas, suitable for outdoor environments. Can achieve ultra long distance coverage, with a maximum coverage distance of up to 100 meters in open environments, and a transmission distance of up to 200 meters with the PA outdoor Bluetooth gateway!

Explosion proof Bluetooth gateway

The explosion-proof gateway product uses a high-strength stainless steel metal shell with explosion-proof standards and supports wall mounted or pole mounted installation. It can be used in places with explosion-proof requirements such as mines, gas stations, and chemical plants.

Third generation Bluetooth gateway

The third-generation gateway adopts a dual port design and can cascade multiple devices. Supports RS485 communication and is compatible with 4G/Cat. 1 modules internally, making it convenient for special scenarios where network cables cannot be laid out. In addition, TF cards are reserved inside the gateway to facilitate support for offline storage functions; Reserve dual Bluetooth, which can simultaneously scan and connect up to 19+19 Bluetooth devices. POE has high reliability, and the network interface can withstand lightning surge protection up to common mode 4kV and differential mode 2kV (10/700uS-5/320uS waveform).