What Are The IoT AP WiFi Modules For Smart Home Gateways?

2022-10-10/ By Admin

Several common wireless connection methods in smart homes include WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and RF 315/433. Among them, WiFi and Bluetooth technologies are the most widely used in smart home terminal products.

SKYLAB has developed several WiFi and Bluetooth modules for smart gateways. Consumers can better obtain home environment parameters. They can also use smart gateways to control smart end devices.

Next, the editor of SKYLAB will introduce the IoT AP WiFi modules of two smart gateways.

What Are The Recommended WiFi Modules For Smart Home?

In a smart home, the smart gateway can transmit data, upload data and issue control commands. Therefore, customers will prefer the UART AP WiFi mode. Such a WiFi module can be used as both AP and Station.

IoT AP WiFi module supports both UART serial port transparent transmission and wireless routing. SKYLAB has developed a variety of IoT AP WiFi modules. It is mainly divided into 2.4GHz single-band WiFi module and 2.4/5GHz dual-band WiFi module.

Single-band WiFi modules include SKW92A, SKW92B, SKW97, SKW99. Dual-band WiFi modules include SKW93A, SKW78, SKW100, etc.

SKYLAB's IoT WiFi module mainly recommends SKW92A and SKW92B. They support Bridge, Gateway, AP/Client, Router, 3G/4G Router 5 working modes.

SKYLAB AP/Router WiFi Module Introduction

AP/Router WiFi Module SKW92A

SKW92A WIFI module integrates 802.11n MAC and baseband, a 2.4GHz wireless broadcast device, a 580MHz MIPS CPU, and a high-speed Ethernet PHY.

SKW92A WIFI module only needs to provide 3.3V power supply externally. It is suitable for low-power, low-cost, high-integrated AP electronic devices.

Under the 802.11n Wi-Fi standard, SKW92A WIFI module can reach 144Mbps data transmission speed in 20MHz bandwidth. It can reach 300Mbps data transmission speed in 40MHZ bandwidth. SKW92A WIFI module supports bridge, AP Client, gateway mode.

Its high performance can handle a variety of advanced applications, such as: routers, security and VoIP.SKW92A has a variety of interfaces and supports various applications. For example: USB port for accessing external memory and 3G/TLE modem.


The main chip of SKW92B WiFi module is MT7688A. It is a 1T1R wireless device that complies with the 802.11n Wi-Fi standard. It contains a 580MHz MIPS CPU, a high-speed Ethernet PHY, a USB2.0 host device, I2C/PCM and multiple low-speed IOs.

SKW92B WiFi module provides two working modes. Including IOT gateway and IOT device mode. In IOT gateway mode, SKW92BWiFi module supports adding 3G/LTE modem. It supports H.264 ISP's wireless IP cameras.

For IOT device mode, SKW92B WiFi module supports eMMC, SD-XC and USB2.0. It also supports PWM, SPI slave devices, three UAR interfaces and multiple GPIO ports. SKW92B has a wide range of applications in the IOT field, especially intelligent gateways.

Final Conclusion

SKYLAB is a Chinese manufacturer of WiFi modules. SKYLAB provides IoT AP WiFi modules SKW92A and SKW92B in bulk. If you want to know more parameters and characteristics of the gateway IoT AP WiFi module, please visit the SKYLAB official website.