2022 New Product Introduction Bluetooth 4.2/5.0 Gateway VDB2602

2022-10-13/ By Admin

SKYLAB is a manufacturer of Bluetooth gateway in China. At present, SKYLAB has developed and launched many Bluetooth gateways. Bluetooth gateway has been widely used in medical, Internet of Things, smart home, indoor location sharing and other fields.

In order to meet the diversified needs of customers, SKYLAB has developed and launched a powerful Bluetooth gateway VDB2602 in 2022. Bluetooth gateway VDB2602 is an integrated wireless communication mode of WiFi and Bluetooth. It supports Bluetooth data acquisition and data uplink and downlink transmission.

The engineers of SKYLAB add a PA on the basis of Bluetooth gateway. It can support BLE4.2/BLE5.0 scanning. Its biggest feature is that it can support a variety of data transmission schemes, including Ethernet, WIFI, 4G, Cat 1。 Customers can install and deploy the Bluetooth gateway VDB2602 in various scenarios. In the scenario where cable cannot be installed, it is more convenient for customers to install and deploy the Bluetooth gateway VDB2602.

In addition, the Bluetooth gateway VDB2602 has upgraded the compatibility and reliability of POE. The TF card is reserved inside the Bluetooth gateway to facilitate the offline storage function.

Bluetooth Gateway VDB2602 Series Model

Bluetooth gateway VDB2602 includes four model series, including VDB2602S, VDB2602D, VDB2602S-L, VDB2602S-N

(1) The Bluetooth gateway VDB2602S is a single Bluetooth 4.2 or 5.0 scanner.

(2) The Bluetooth gateway VDB2602D is a two-way Bluetooth 4.2 and Bluetooth 5.0 scanner.

(3) Bluetooth gateway VDB2602S-L supports LTE 4G on the basis of VDB2602S. It can be networked through LTE.

(4) Bluetooth gateway VDB2602S-N supports Cat. 1 on the basis of VDB2602S. It can be networked through LTE.

Bluetooth Gateway VDB2602 Application Function

(1)Collect data

The Bluetooth gateway VDB2602 can scan 200 Bluetooth devices per second. For example, it can collect broadcast data of Bluetooth Beacon and temperature and humidity sensors. It collects data packets and sends them back to the cloud platform.

Bluetooth gateway VDB2602 application function

(2) Connection Control

The Bluetooth gateway VDB2602 can connect and control 28 Bluetooth devices. For example, it can control the switch of the Bluetooth smart door lock.

Bluetooth gateway VDB2602 application function

(3)Indoor Positioning

Customers can conduct indoor positioning through the Bluetooth gateway VDB2602. The Bluetooth gateway communicates with the Bluetooth bracelet or Bluetooth tag. The system can realize the indoor positioning of personnel and assets. Managers can view the position and moving track of personnel/assets in real time in the system

Bluetooth gateway VDB2602 application function

Features of Bluetooth Gateway VDB2602

*Bluetooth gateway supports TCP, UDP, MQTT IoT protocols

*The data type of communication between Bluetooth gateway and server is standard Json format;

*The data return mode of Bluetooth gateway is Ethernet, wireless WiFi, 4G network and Cat. 1 network

*It supports BLE4.2 and BLE5.0

*Bluetooth gateway supports multiple filtering methods, including RSSI value, device name, Beacon UUID, etc.

*Bluetooth gateway integrates broadcasting, scanning and connecting Bluetooth devices.

*WLAN supports IEEE802.11n, IEEE802.11g and IEEE802.11b wireless standard protocols.

*Bluetooth gateway can provide API interface protocol to facilitate users' secondary development.

*Bluetooth gateway complies with RoHS, FCC and CE certification

Parameters of Bluetooth Gateway VDB2602

Dimension  Diameter: 124mm; Height:40mm
 Power Supply  4.5V-12V、POE Power Supply
  Currents  200mA@5V
Operating Temperature  -20℃~70℃
  Physical interface  One network port, one DC power interface
Wifi parameter
Wifi protocol  IEEE 802.11n,IEEE 802.11g,IEEE 802.11b
Transmission rate  IEEE 802.11b Standard Mode:1,2,5.5,11Mbps
  IEEE 802.11g Standard Mode:6,9,12,18,24,36,48,54Mbps
IEEE 802.11n:72Mbps @ HT20;150Mbps @ HT40
Receiving sensitivity  HT40 MCS7:-67dBm@10% PER(MCS7)
  HT20 MCS7:-73dBm@10% PER(MCS7)
54M:-76dBm@10% PER
11M:-91dBm@ 8% PER
Transmitting power  IEEE 802.11n:15dBm @HT40 MCS7;15dBm@HT20 MCS7
IEEE 802.11g:16dBm
IEEE 802.11b:18dBm
Wireless security  WPA/WPA2,WEP,TKIP,AES
Operating mode  Bridge、Gateway、AP Client  Three working modes
Bluetooth parameter
Bluetooth protocol  Bluetooth 4.2, Bluetooth 5.0
Transmission rate  1Mbps、2Mbps
Wireless security  AES HW Encryption
Coverage  80m
Transmit power BLE Bluetooth 4.2: 0 ~+20dBm, programmable adjustment; BLE Bluetooth 5.0: 0 ~ 8dBm, programmable adjustment
Bluetooth scanning data iBeacon, EDDYSTONE, sensor data, custom data