What are the functional applications of Bluetooth beacons?

2023-06-12/ By Admin

The Bluetooth module in the beacon operates in slave mode and uses the BLE broadcast method. It continuously sends undirected broadcast packets on channels 37, 38 and 39. Bluetooth beacons are not connectable in broadcast mode and all broadcast data are arranged under specific rules.

Bluetooth beacons have three main functions: information promotion, location, and navigation. Next I will introduce you to the three Bluetooth application principles.

1、Information promotion function of Bluetooth beacon

(1) Bluetooth Beacon information push principle is what?

Beacon sends the latest information about the store's activities to the cell phones in the coverage area. The customer installs the mall's APP, the merchant deploys a Beacon in the corner. when the customer approaches this counter, the APP will initiate a notification, pop up product introduction and offer information.

(2) What are the applications of Bluetooth beacons in information push?

In the service industry, brick-and-mortar businesses provide information push services to users. Such as shopping mall product information push, etc. In the retail industry, restaurant industry and other application scenarios, Bluetooth beacons send advertising, coupons and other marketing information through the automatic wake-up device function.

2、Location function of Bluetooth beacon

(1) What is the positioning principle of Bluetooth Beacon?

Location function of Bluetooth beacon

By the Beacon to the user in the coverage area, automatically transmit the letter. The Bluetooth device is positioned to receive and feedback the signal. When the user enters the area wandering, Beacon makes a broadcast, it can calculate the distance between the user and Beacon. From this, it can be seen that as long as there are three Beacon devices to locate.

(2) How can Bluetooth beacons be used in indoor positioning?

Firstly, Bluetooth beacons can provide location-specific services for hotels and scenic spots scenes.

Secondly, Bluetooth beacons provide data integration services for enterprises. Such as in the physical business through Beacon to collect data of customer offline visit behavior. It can realize the statistics and analysis of the data, and prepare for the subsequent precise marketing of the enterprise.

3、Navigation function of Bluetooth Beacon

(1) What is the principle of indoor navigation of Bluetooth Beacon?

Location function of Bluetooth beacon

Bluetooth Beacon can provide real-time navigation service. When users wander into the area, Beacon's broadcast has the ability to spread. It can calculate the distance between the user and the Beacon. The user opens the map which shows the device location in real time. He can set that location as the starting point and enter the end point to intelligently plan the route.

(2) How can Bluetooth beacons be used in indoor navigation?

First, Bluetooth beacons can provide indoor navigation in shopping malls, airports, underground parking lots of medical hospitals and other scenes, reverse car search, etc.

Secondly, Bluetooth beacons can provide digital transformation services for large campus-type enterprises, museums, exhibition halls and so on. It can provide accurate indoor navigation services for tourists, visitors.