UWB anchor positioning principle UWB anchor module data transmission rate

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The UWB anchor module is a module based on UWB (ultra wideband) technology, used to achieve functions such as positioning, ranging, and anti loss. Our UWB anchor VDU2508 is a high-precision positioning anchor developed based on the DW1000 chip solution, suitable for outdoor/outdoor environments. It is equipped with a die cast aluminum metal shell and has an IP66 waterproof and dustproof rating, which can be used in various harsh outdoor or outdoor environments.

Positioning principle

In UWB module triangulation, it usually involves using three positioning points (or UWB module) to determine the label position. Each UWB module will receive a signal from the tag and determine the distance between it and the tag based on the time of arrival (TDoA) or phase difference (PDoA) of the signal. These distance information will be used to determine the label position. Three positioning points can form a triangle, and by measuring the distance from the label to each positioning point, the possible position of the label within the triangle can be calculated.

DW1000|NRF52832 High Precison UWB Module SKU620
DW1000|NRF52832 High Precison UWB Module SKU620

Main features

1. High precision positioning: Due to the high bandwidth characteristics of UWB technology, the positioning accuracy can be as accurate as 10cm;

2. Bidirectional ranging: supports TDoA and PDoA positioning solutions;

3. High data transmission rate: supports data rates of 850kbps and 6.8Mbps;

4. Long transmission distance: In low-speed motion, the transmission distance can reach 1.5 kilometers;

5. Low power consumption and low interference: UWB sends narrow pulse signals with lower energy density, so they usually do not interfere with other communication systems.

6. Application scenario: UWB module triangulation technology is becoming one of the popular technologies in the field of positioning technology, which can be applied in indoor positioning, industrial automation, logistics tracking, intelligent transportation and other fields.

Product example:

Our SKU620 model UWB positioning anchor module: a UWB module that can perform high-precision long-distance distance measurement, supporting a range of over 500 meters within the visible range, and supporting the IEEE802.15.4-2011 UWB protocol, The SKU620 main control IC uses Nordic Bluetooth 4.2 chip nRF52832.

Outdoor UWB Asset Positioning Anchor VDU2508

This module has functions such as positioning, ranging, and anti loss, with high positioning accuracy, long transmission distance, high data transmission rate, and supports bidirectional ranging. It can be applied in indoor and outdoor positioning, industrial automation, logistics tracking, and other fields.

SKU620UWB module: developed based on DW1000 scheme, integrated with nRF52832 main control, commonly used for high-precision UWB ranging, with ranging accuracy up to 10-30 centimeters, can be applied to develop UWB ranging anchors UWB ranging tags TWR positioning anchor point.

The UWB module SKU620 can be paired with an EVB testing and development board (UWB anchor VDU2506), supporting USB to serial port functionality:

1. Complex version with 485 serial port function, convenient for connecting to industrial computer for debugging;

2. The fully equipped version with Ethernet port and WiFi internet access function allows for direct use of TCP/IP The UDP protocol transmits the serial port data of the SKU620 module to TCP/IP On UDP servers, it is convenient to network and debug the TWR positioning system.

If you have more specific questions or requirements about our UWB anchor module, we suggest that you consult us directly to obtain more detailed and accurate information.