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UWB Anchor


Outdoor UWB Asset Positioning Anchor VDU2508

The UWB positioning base station VDU2508 is developed based on the DW1000 chip solution.

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Positioning Accuracy <30cm
Chip DW1000
Dimension(L×W×H) 236.4mm * 153.7mm * 74.0mm

The UWB positioning base station VDU2508 is developed based on the DW1000 chip solution. It is suitable for high-precision positioning outdoors environments. The UWB positioning base station is equipped with a die-cast aluminum metal shell. It has an IP66 waterproof and dustproof rating and can be used in various harsh outdoors.

▲ Positioning accuracy: VDU2508 positioning base station and UWB positioning tag are used together to achieve a positioning accuracy of <30 cm.

▲ Positioning object: suitable for personnel positioning, material positioning, machine equipment positioning,
asset positioning management, vehicle positioning, etc.
▲ Positioning scenarios: power plants, prisons, factory parks, nursing homes, warehouse material positioning, smart construction sites, etc.
▲ Data uplink + downlink: VDU2508 supports uplink and downlink when transmitting data. It can receive the positioning information broadcast by uwb positioning tags. It can also send commands to UWB tags to realize two-way alarm, electronic fence and other functions.
Power supply (one of the following two)
Network port POE power supply   Standard: Cat. 5 and above (POE output power greater than 1W)
DC power supply Input voltage 5.0V (4.5~5.5V), input power greater than 1W
 UWB wireless parameters
Support Agreement   Compatible with IEEE 802.15.4-2011 UWB protocol
frequency Default 3774~4243.2MHz, support channel ch1-5
Typical transmit power   -6dBm/500MHz(CH2)
Receiving sensitivity   -105dBm
Data transfer rate Default 6.8Mbps, support 110kbps, 850kbps
UWB positioning performance
Positioning accuracy   <30cm
UWB base station layout interval   <50m
Data upload method   100Mbps
Clock synchronization mode UWB wireless synchronization
Product weight   285g(±10g)
Operating environment
Working temperature   -30℃~70℃
Storage temperature   -40℃~85℃
Waterproof level   IP66
Size   236.4mm * 153.7mm * 74.0mm
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