The Ultimate Guide to Buy the Smart TV WIFI Module

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Smart TV WIFI Module

Overview of learning about WIFI module

Smart TV WIFI module is actually a WIFI module. This is a network device with a structure similar to a USB port, so it can be connected to a PC or laptop via the USB port.

WIFI module is not a data storage device but is a convenient and easiest method for adding WIFI to a desktop, or laptop (usually used for desktop computers).

Moreover, they will receive waves from modems and routers to make WIFI waves more stable into the device. There will be no more network loss, flickering or lag.

What is Smart TV WIFI module?

USB WIFI is simply an electronic device; it is designed with a USB port to connect to a computer.

  • Mostly used for desktop computers. Because desktop computers cannot receive WIFI waves, they need USB WIFI to receive WIFI waves.
  • Use for laptop (laptop). Some old laptops have broken WIFI reception function, so need a WIFI USB device to catch WIFI signal from 1-port WIFI modem or 4-port WIFI modem or WIFI router.

Structure of Smart TV module

USB WIFI has 3 main components:

USB connection port (as you can see in the image above): This port is used to plug directly into the computer via USB 2.0.

  • Need to broadcast WIFI: from the outside it looks like a miniature antenna.
  • Microchip of Smart TV WIFI module: This is the internal part. If you want to see them, you can remove the plastic outer shell. This microchip looks like a microcomputer main.

In addition, you will also see the type without antenna receiver - WIFI broadcast. But we advise you not to choose that type because the reception and broadcasting is very poor, of course it cannot be compared with the USB WIFI type with antenna.

Moreover, many studies show that their cost is close to that of USB WIFI with antennas, but in fact the reception is less than half.

You can test it by leaving a Smart TV WIFI module or WIFI router in a closed room, with thick walls, and you will find that they catch the signal very slowly, sometimes congested...

Note: This microchip needs to be carefully preserved, if it gets wet, you will be completely lost (cannot be repaired).

Advantages of Smart WIFI module

If the desktop computer has this device, there will be no need to use a LAN wire to connect to the Internet, we only need a few small steps to install.

Moreover, some types of WIFI USB need to install drivers, you need to pay attention to install drivers for them to be able to use them. In case if you do not know how to install the driver, you can search on the Internet for an automatic driver detection tool so that it automatically finds the driver for USB WIFI.

Function of Smart TV WIFI module

USB WIFI for 2 main functions:

  • Receive WIFI waves (tuning / receiving) WIFI from WIFI transmitters.
  • Broadcast WIFI for other devices to share.

About price: Currently, the price of many types of WIFI USB on the market is quite floating. You can buy them for real.
Smart TV WIFI Module 2022

In which case should you buy USB WIFI?

You are using a desktop computer, but plugging in the LAN cord is quite troublesome. It causes the LAN cable to be loose, or pulling out too much, making the contact flicker. The LAN line going indoors is quite messy. So, you want to use Smart TV WIFI module for convenience, not using LAN wire.

Your house has just been built, there is no LAN wire waiting in the house, you have to use the LAN wire pulled from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor (because the modem is located on the 1st floor to use for the 1st floor computer).

So, the problem is that this LAN wire going in the house will be very messy. It will look very uncomfortable. Moreover, you need 1 WIFI USB to receive WIFI signal of the modem on the 1st floor.

Smart TV WIFI module is a pretty convenient device. There are many cases where you will need it. Wish you find a good company WIFI USB in terms of quality and reasonable price.

Consulting and customer care

• Question: I need to buy dual band WIFI USB, do you sell it? What is the price, how long is the warranty?

⇒ Answer: Hello, our company has many types of dual band WIFI USB. Moreover, the product is currently being discounted by 20%. Please contact the hotline number in the article or fill in the registration form for specific support and advice about Smart TV WIFI module.

• Question: My laptop has broken WIFI receiving function. I am currently in the dormitory using the school's WIFI, can't pull the LAN cord. I don't know if I have a good WIFI receiver? Because the school's WIFI signal is not strong, it's a bit poor, if I can't catch it when I buy it. Can I return it?

⇒ Answer: Hello, WIFI USB device is mainly used for desktop computers that cannot connect to WIFI or laptops with damaged features. Moreover, in terms of fast reception, we can assure you that it will be stronger and more stable than the laptop's WIFI reception.

If you buy a Smart TV WIFI module with poor reception, we will exchange it for another one. So, you can rest assured to use our product.

• Question: How far does the WIFI USB catch and broadcast?

Answer: Hello, this depends on the product line and depends on the WIFI wave that the WIFI USB receives. It also depends on the transmitting and receiving space of the device with many interference devices or obstructions. However, its transceiver capability is equivalent to the new modems on the market today.

The WIFI module device has a compact structure and utilities

Moreover, with the development of digital technology 4.0 today, WIFI transceivers have become more popular. The percentage of internet users and the percentage of users buying WIFI adapters is also increasing.

In which, the Smart TV WIFI module device has a compact structure and many utilities. If you are looking to learn about WIFI module and how to use WIFI module for Laptop, PC. Please read complete article.