9 Amazing Embedded WIFI Camera Module Hacks

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Embedded WIFI Camera Module

What is WIFI camera module? 

How is the structure? When to use WIFI camera module? What is the function of this device? Find out about embedded WIFI camera module with us in the article below!

What is WIFI camera module? How is the structure?

We are certainly no strangers to today's compact USB devices. But they are simply USBs used to copy data. So, do you know anything about WIFI camera module yet, let's find out right here.

  • Help user devices can use good quality WIFI anywhere
  • Share WIFI easily with others
  • Limit the problem of WIFI flickering when caught with others.

What is WIFI camera module?

WIFI camera module is a compact device that helps users to receive/broadcast WIFI on desktop/laptop by USB port. This embedded WIFI camera module designs with a USB port to connect to the computer. 

Most are used for desktop computers because desktop computers cannot receive WIFI signals, so they need WIFI camera module to receive waves. Also used for laptops. Because some old machines have broken WIFI reception function, need to use WIFI USB. Receive signal from 1 port/4 port WIFI modem/ WIFI router.

Structure of WIFI camera module

Consists of 3 main components:

  • USB connection port: Plug it directly into the computer via the USB 2.0 port
  • Need to broadcast WIFI: The outside is similar to a miniature antenna
  • Microchip: This part locates inside the embedded WIFI camera module, to see it, you have to remove the outer plastic shell. It looks like a microcomputer mainboard. 
  • It should be noted that this microchip needs to carefully maintain and cannot repair if it gets wet.

Besides, we can also come across WIFI camera module without antennas to receive - broadcast. The advice for users is not to choose to buy this type because the ability to receive - broadcast is quite poor. Can't be equal to USB type with antenna attached. 

The numbers also show that its cost is almost as expensive as WIFI camera module with antenna. But the wave reception is less than half. 

Users can verify by leaving WIFI modem/WIFI router in a closed room. Thick walls make reception weak or blocked.

Advantages of embedded WIFI camera module

If this device attaches to the desktop computer, the user does not need a LAN wire to connect to the Internet. It only takes a few small steps to install. 

Some types of WIFI USB must install additional drivers, note that only when installing the driver can it be used. If the user does not know how to install the driver, then look for an automatic detection tool. Help automatically find drivers for WIFI camera module.

The function of WIFI camera module is to receive (receive / catch) WIFI from WIFI transmitters. Then broadcast to other devices to share.

Currently, the price of WIFI camera module on the market is quite diverse. 

How many types of WIFI camera module are there? 

Embedded WIFI camera module has the following 3 types:

  • Type 1: USB broadcast WIFI, take the Internet use on the user's computer and broadcast it into WIFI. Convenient when you want to share for all common users.
  • Type 2: WIFI camera module receiver, catching WIFI waves around so that you can access the network. This is also the type that many people choose to use today.
  • Type 3: USB both receive and transmit, flexible, can both receive WIFI signal and can use to broadcast to other users. Meet your WIFI needs.

In which case do we need to use WIFI camera module?

  • For USB reception: When the desktop computer can't catch the WIFI/the laptop has bad WIFI.
  • For USB broadcast WIFI: When the user wants to share the wired network into WIFI for other users. Or when the device you are using has good signal reception and you want to share it with other users more stable.

Embedded WIFI Camera Module 2022 

Notes when choosing to buy embedded WIFI camera module

  • Most USB drives now support Windows 10, so consider choosing to be compatible with your computer's operating system.
  • Choose USB with reputable and quality brands in the market to make broadcasting more stable. Usage time is also longer.
  • Should choose WIFI camera module with speed from 150 Mbps to use
  • If there is a need to receive / broadcast, users only need to choose the type of USB that both receives and transmits to save more

Hopefully with the information provided above, everyone has understood what embedded WIFI camera module is. At the same time, you can choose the most suitable USB type for yourself.

Why use WIFI camera module?

As mentioned above, if you want to save money in connecting WIFI to your PC, you can buy WIFI camera module because its price is usually much cheaper than WIFI card. Just buy 1 set, then install the driver included in the box and plug the WIFI camera module into the USB port.

You can connect to WIFI right away without having to perform other complicated operations.

If your laptop has a damaged WIFI card, you should also buy an embedded WIFI camera module kit instead of having to take it to repair or replace the damaged part at a high cost.

How is WIFI camera module structured?

A WIFI camera module kit will usually have 3 parts such as:

  • The USB plug connects to the USB port as we all know.
  • The antenna receives WIFI waves.
  • The internal microchip has a protective outer cover.

After the connection is complete, you can rotate the Antenna horizontally or vertically to change the receiving position.

The simplest way to use WIFI camera module

Before you can connect embedded WIFI camera module to your computer and enjoy the convenience of wireless connectivity, follow the steps below:

Manufacturers often include WIFI camera module and driver discs in the box. After purchasing, please remove the box and install the driver first so that the computer can recognize the WIFI camera module.

If your computer does not have a drive, you can use Google to search for drivers that match the syntax Product Name + driver.