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UWB module


High precison UART,SPI,I2C,PWM interface DW1000 Nordic BLE 4.2 nRF52832 ranging module

SKU620 is an UWB high precison ranging module. It use Decawave’s DW1000 transceiver IC, which support IEEE 802.15.4-2011 UWB protocol. The module support PA and LNA in its RF chain in order to enhance its TX and RX performance. And it will result in larger coverage and higher precision.

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Size 37x30x2.5mm
BLE solution BLE 4.2 chip nRF5283
Transmission rate 6.8 Mbps Max data rate

SKU620 module use nordic BLE 4.2 nRF52832 as MCU.And the module’s 3-side-half-hole footprint support many GPIO pin out which can be configured into UART,SPI,I2C,PWM interface, which is convenient for secondary development of customers. The module reserve uncovered copper on the bottom for heat dissipation.

SKU620 module use side SMA RF connector to support external high gain antenna with low insertion loss. Ant the SMA pads supports soldering our specially designed PCB antenna for SKU620, making the antenna low cost and high performance.

SKU620 module has its EVB board (VDU2506-EVB), which can transfer UART data to USB com port. The complex version support 485 UART to industrial machines. The fully-configured version support WiFi and Ethernet connection to TCP/IP or UDP server, making it easy to build a TWR positioning system.



◆Static ranging accuracy up to 10cm.

◆6.8 Mbps Max data rate

◆2 series PA high power solution.

◆500 m+ line-of-sight range typical.

◆IEEE 802.15.4-2011 UWB compliant.

◆BLE 4.2 chip nRF52832.

◆Supply voltage: 3.4V~5V,rechargable Li-Battery supportted(need external charging circuit).



Application Diagram

SKU620 use nRF52832 as main control chip, and DW1000 as UWB transiver chip. And we add 2 series PA, one LNA and 2 RF switches on the RF front end.




◆UWB 1-dimension ranging anchor.

◆UWB TWR positioning anchor

◆UWB ranging or TWR positioning Tags

◆Wireless data transfering