Passive Bluetooth Positioning System Solution

2022-11-16/ By Admin

SKYLAB is a Chinese supplier of bluetooth beacons and bluetooth gateways. SKYLAB's passive Bluetooth positioning system is also called Bluetooth detection and positioning system.

SKYLAB has an accurate Bluetooth indoor positioning engine algorithm, and a wealth of Bluetooth gateways and Bluetooth positioning tags. The Bluetooth positioning system can achieve positioning accuracy within 2 meters. It can realize all-weather uninterrupted position detection in the positioning area.

Customers have widely used the Bluetooth positioning system in scenarios such as smart elderly care in nursing homes, valuable asset management, and visitor location management.

Passive Bluetooth positioning system architecture

Passive Bluetooth positioning system architecture

The passive Bluetooth positioning system architecture includes: terminal display device, server, Bluetooth positioning engine and algorithm, Bluetooth gateway and Bluetooth positioning tag.

The positioning principle of the passive Bluetooth positioning system:

(1) The Bluetooth positioning bracelet works in the iBeacon broadcasting state. It will broadcast its own MAC address, battery, heart rate and other information.

(2) The Bluetooth gateway scans the broadcast information of the Bluetooth positioning bracelet. It transmits relevant information to the central positioning engine through network cable or WiFi. The positioning engine calculates the relevant information and obtains the location information of the Bluetooth bracelet.

(3) The terminal software displays the location information of the Bluetooth positioning bracelet. It can realize real-time location tracking, track playback, electronic fence, heart rate monitoring and other functions.

Advantages of passive Bluetooth positioning system

(1)2 meters high positioning accuracy
(2)Compatible with a variety of BLE devices
(3)Support large user access
(4)Easy system deployment
(5)Easy system maintenance
(6)Open System Structure Design