Application of Low-power Bluetooth in Medical Field

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Application of bluetooth technology in medical

How does wireless Bluetooth replace wired connections?

1. Each medical equipment in the hospital is basically an independent system, so all kinds of equipment are equipped with their own computer systems and peripheral systems such as printers, all of which are connected independently by data lines.

Therefore, read the machine status and reconfigure the equipment. , sensor data, patient data, patient monitoring, secure access data, asset tracking, etc. are independent systems for security reasons.

The most common phenomenon, such as operating room and radiology department, can be seen everywhere with cable connections, which are scattered on the ground.

It is very troublesome and wastes a lot of time. Time is very precious for rescuing patients and language. After each device is connected with Bluetooth technology, the troubles of medical equipment users are solved.

2. Some medical instruments, such as electrophysiological instruments such as electroencephalogram and electrocardiogram, receive electrical signals from the patient's body surface, and transmit the bioelectric signals to medical equipment through cables for analysis.

In the meantime, because the connection of the cable restricts the position and movement of the patient, the patient can only receive the physical examination in the supine position, so it is impossible to know the bioelectric signal of the patient's activities in a certain range in other positions or even in the state of exercise.

3. Some medical restricted areas, such as laminar flow wards, operating rooms, radiography rooms, radiotherapy rooms, emergency rooms, etc., are not suitable for all medical personnel to enter and exit, and must have a strict isolation system.

Bluetooth can play a very important role in these places. Doctors can make some examinations and treatments wirelessly controlled, reducing the probability of direct entry and exit of staff, and at the same time not hindering doctors' treatment and consultation work.

Low-power Bluetooth mode in medical applications

As shown below:

The above are all medical equipment using the data wireless transmission function of the Bluetooth module. In addition, medical treatment can also use the Bluetooth module indoor positioning to better manage patients! Some special groups need to be positioned to achieve the function of timely treatment.

In addition, the combination of positioning and transmission can realize, for example, if the patient moves and suddenly feels uncomfortable, the data can be transmitted to the data center by pressing the switch, and the doctor can determine whether to carry out rescue according to the data. In the case of rescue, the patient will be found according to the Bluetooth positioning function and rescued!

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