How To Use WiFi6 Module To Build A Smart Gateway?

2023-02-28/ By Admin

In recent years, WiFi6 has become more mature.Skylab is a well -known WiFi module R & D manufacturer in the Internet of Things industry.

Skylab has launched a new WIFI Bluetooth combination module WG236 with WiFi6+BLE5.1.WG236 can adapt to industrial temperature, low power consumption, small SMD patch packaging.It meets the intelligent control needs of application scenarios such as industrial cards, industrial tablets, and industrial gateway.

How to use the WiFi6 module WG236 to build an industrial-grade intelligent control gateway?

Industrial production has become more intelligent and informationized. There are more and more industrial sensing and monitoring equipment. The requirements for communication efficiency in industrial production are getting higher and higher.

Wi-Fi 6 has achieved a peak rate increase of 37%, reaching 9.6Gbps. It's nearly identical to the 5G experience. The access capacity of Wi-Fi 6 is increased by 4 times, and the terminal power consumption is reduced by more than 30%.

SKYLAB newly developed and launched Wi-Fi 6+Bluetooth combination module WG236. It runs up to 240 MHz MCU and built-in 512KB RAM. Data rates up to 150Mbps in 802.11n and 86Mbps in 802.11ax (2.4 GHz). WG236 supports 1Mbps, 2Mbps BLE rate mode. It enables lower latency communication for Industrial IoT devices.

The requirements of industrial-grade intelligent control gateways for wireless modules are relatively simple. It can support transparent transmission of small data, low latency, and support data to the cloud. The data interaction part in industrial production is the transmission of small data. The WiFi part of WG236 supports data collection and transmission, docking with the cloud and MQTT protocol. The Bluetooth part supports data transparent transmission. Therefore, WG236 with integrated WiFi and Bluetooth functions is highly suitable for industrial-grade intelligent control gateways.

What are the characteristics of the WG236 WiFi Bluetooth combination module?

(1)high performance

WG236 is an industrial-grade, low-power combination module. It integrates Bluetooth BLE5.1 and Wi-Fi 802.11ax. The main chip of the module integrates the hardware and software resources required by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth applications. It can support AP and STA dual-role connection, and supports BLE connection at the same time. WG236 is a cost-effective industrial-grade wireless control solution. Combination modules can be better embedded in customer products. At the same time, it meets customers' needs for fast programming of products again.

(2)Low power consumption

The WG236 combo module supports low power sleep mode. The MCU can go to sleep with microampere-level sleep currents.

(3)Wide coverage

WG236 combination module supports Soft AP/ Station mode. And the 2.4GHz frequency band has strong penetration ability and longer transmission distance. It is suitable for the environment of large space and many obstacles in the industrial factory area.

(4)High integration

The WG236 combination module adopts SMD chip stamp hole package. Its small size makes it easy to integrate. WG236 has rich peripherals, such as PWM, I2C, UART, SPI.

The WG236 WiFi and Bluetooth combination module can meet the applications in the fields of IoT smart home, smart lighting, smart buildings, smart factories, and smart manufacturing. The Wi-Fi 6+Bluetooth 5.1 combination module WG236 has been shipped in batches and supports sample testing. If you want to know about serial WiFi module, serial BLE Bluetooth module, WiFi+Bluetooth combination module, USB WiFi+Bluetooth combination module performance parameters, you can directly visit SKYLAB official website.