What is long range wifi wireless module?

2022-03-12/ By Admin

What is a Wi-Fi module and what is it for?

This is a Long range wifi wireless module that allows you to receive a Wi-Fi signal and process it. Using the Wi-Fi module, the PC user will be able to connect to the wireless network distributed by the router.

Wi-Fi modules are usually purchased to implement the following functions:

  • Installation on a desktop computer. Desktop PCs, unlike laptops, do not have a device for receiving a Wi-Fi signal. This device will have to purchase separately.
  • Establishing a wireless connection on the computer itself. This will allow you to distribute the Internet to other gadgets without using a router. In this situation, the PC will act as a router.
  • Replacing a broken device. If the module is out of order in the laptop, then it will need to change by buying a new Long range wifi wireless module.

Note! You can purchase a Wi-Fi module for a desktop computer or for a digital TV, set-top boxes at any PC accessories store. When choosing, first of all, the technical characteristics of the device are taken into account.

Wi-Fi module for digital set-top boxes and satellite receivers

You can understand why you need a Wi-Fi module on set-top boxes and receivers by using all kinds of Smart functions. A Long range wifi wireless module requires for the following purposes:

  • reception of terrestrial digital channels, satellite television;
  • the ability to access the Internet;
  • Watching YouTube videos, movies, TV shows and more.
long range wifi wireless module

An internet connection require for various features to work.

Note! On any set-top boxes, tuners, it is usually possible to connect to the Network via a LAN input, that is, via cable. But there are models that also support Wi-Fi modules that connect via USB. To do this, just connect the device to the appropriate connector on the set-top box and set the desire settings.

But in order to use this device on set-top boxes, receivers, tuners, you need to consider a number of key points:

To begin with, before buying a Long range wifi wireless module, you need to make sure that the set-top box or receiver really supports the ability to connect to the Internet. In some of them, USB connectors design exclusively for connecting drives. To do this, you can read the characteristics of the device, study the menu or reviews on the Internet;

First you should aware the type of module

There are different and specific type of set-top box, you need to select the type of module. They can only work with certain types; this must also consider before buying. Sometimes it turns out that the set-top box simply does not see the connected module.

Devices that have the same chipset will be able to work together. And they don't have to be from the same manufacturer.

If the set-top box is supposed to place far from the router, in a place where the signal is not too strong, then it is better to buy a module with an external antenna.

What are the types of Long range wifi wireless module

These devices on the connection interface are of several types:

  • USB. These are small modules that plug into the USB port on the computer case. They are also called external and can be disabled at any time.
  • PCI. No less popular modules that insert into the PCI Express port on the PC motherboard. As a rule, such devices have several antennas to amplify the signal. Before buying them, you need to make sure that your PC has free PCI ports. Suitable only for desktop computers.
  • M2. The most modern type of Long range wifi wireless module. They also install on the motherboard, but only in the M2 slot and fix with a small screw. Such modules can be installed in both stationary and portable PCs.

Important! When choosing a Wi-Fi module, you need to study the technical characteristics of your PC, be aware of the number of PCI, USB, and M2 ports.

Can a Wi-Fi receiver for a computer reduce or limit the connection speed with a router?

Before buying, especially if you are using a modern high-performance router, it is better to make sure that the receiver has the appropriate specifications and operates in the same frequency standard as your wireless network.

long range wifi wireless module 2022

What is the preferred desktop connection, wired or over the air?

It is difficult to give a definite answer to this question. What to give preference to is an individual choice of the user. From the point of view of practicality, an over-the-air connection is preferable: there is no need to lay a cable between the router and the PC.

At the same time, in some cases, connecting via a patch cord may be preferable. The most common case is the use of outdated wireless routers that are not capable of distributing the Internet with maximum

efficiency. True, in this case, we recommend that you invest in the purchase of a new Long range wifi wireless module, and not connect the computer to the network using a cable. Tariffs and are subject to change by the operator. Full up-to-date information on tariffs and or phone indicates on the site.

What criteria to focus on when choosing a Wi-Fi module for a PC

When choosing a device that can provide a computer with a wireless Internet connection, you need to consider a number of points.

It is important that the selected device can connect to a PC. Therefore, you first need to find out which connection interfaces your computer supports, and then, based on this information, choose a Wi-Fi module.

Long range wifi wireless module Antennas

These are additional elements design to enhance the Long range wifi wireless module. Antennas are external, internal, or external removable. At this point, you should pay attention if the apartment or house has thick walls through which the signal from the router does not pass well.

 Wi-Fi module frequency and standards

Long range wifi wireless module support 802.11a/b/g/n/ac standards. Each standard has its own bandwidth and frequency.

Budget models operate on 802.11b / g / n, while having a frequency of 2.4 GHz. More expensive modules combine 802.11a / ac and 5 GHz. The most modern standard is 802.11ac, which was developed in 2014. According to this characteristic, the device is selected based on the needs of the user.

 Compatibility of wifi module

This factor currently does not play a special role. All modern Long range wifi wireless module and modules are compatible with each other both in frequency and in standard. Installing the drivers shouldn't be a problem either.

The operating system usually finds and loads them automatically the first time you connect to the network. If this does not happen, then you can always find the latest version of the driver for the connect module on the Internet and download it from the official website.