The Application of Bluetooth Gateway in Campus

2022-03-10/ By Admin

In physical education classes, teachers or classmates took a notebook to count, record and count, and finally organize and share the data. But with the advancement of technology, the statistics and records of performance can be handed over to the device and the Bluetooth gateway. Not only that, but things like student health can be detected.

How is the Bluetooth gateway used in the campus?

(1) Composition of Bluetooth devices

The Bluetooth device is mainly composed of a bracelet or a card and a Bluetooth gateway.

(2)Data detected by Bluetooth devices

Exercise monitoring: monitor students' exercise data such as rope skipping, walking, and running.

Health management: monitor students' health data such as heart rate, calories and sleep;

Check-in attendance: the system will automatically check attendance after students arrive in the classroom.

What is the application principle of Bluetooth gateway in campus?

Each student is equipped with a bluetooth device that can detect the above data and broadcast it. After the Bluetooth gateway receives the broadcast of the Bluetooth device, it uploads the data to the server or the background through wifi. Teachers can master basic information such as students' health and sports performance through the background.

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