How Does the Drone Realize WiFi Image Transmission?

2022-03-21/ By Admin

With the continuous development and popularization of UAV technology, UAVs are used in various industrial applications for surveying and mapping. Then the availability of high-resolution images for various tasks such as monitoring is increasing, and wireless communication modules capable of wireless image transmission are required for support.

In this article, SKYLAB, a wireless module research and development manufacturer, introduces how the drone realizes WiFi image transmission? And the long-distance WiFi image transmission application of the high-power WiFi module SKW77.

Long-distance WiFi image transmission application of high-power WiFi module SKW77

(1) The WiFi module SKW77 on the aircraft side establishes a connection with the WiFi module SKW77 on the ground relay side. Send the camera video to the ground relay. At the same time, the control signal from the ground relay terminal can also be transmitted to the MCU control unit of the flight control system through the WiFi module SKW77. Then it is used to control the flight status, heading and so on of the drone.

(2) Send the aircraft status information and video to the remote server through the 4G module.

(3) The ground relay terminal is responsible for establishing a relay connection between the aircraft terminal and the mobile terminal.

(4) The mobile terminal is responsible for real-time video viewing and real-time control of various flight states of the aircraft.

Wireless image transmission, or WiFi image transmission, is one of the most important technologies for drones. Its quality determines the flight distance, real-time image transmission quality, and transmission delay. In the vertical fields of many UAV applications, the real-time and stability of image transmission are important parameters. Therefore, the WiFi module acting on the wireless image transmission has become a key factor to ensure the quality of image transmission.

High-power UAV long-distance image transmission WiFi module SKW77

SKW77 is an AP/Router WiFi module. The module is compatible with 802.11b/g/n wireless standard protocol. The radio adopts 2x2 MIMO, and the maximum physical transmission rate can reach 300Mbps. The module integrates dual-channel PA and LNA, and the transmit power of each channel can reach more than +28dBm. The module supports relay mode, routing mode and AP client mode.

(1)The WiFi module interface supports USB, I2S, UART, SDIO, WAN, LAN, LED.
(2)External devices support USB slave devices, such as U disk, USB camera, etc.
(3)SD memory card is supported.
(4)Supports I2S devices.
(5)Support 1WAN port and 2LAN port.

The advantages of the high-power UAV long-distance image transmission WiFi module SKW77 are many. The reason is that it can not only transmit the camera video in real-time but also transmit the control signal from the ground mobile terminal in real-time. In this regard, there are very few WiFi modules on the market that can do this, in the application of the UAV wireless image transmission scheme.

The SKYLAB high-power UAV long-distance image transmission WiFi module has been well received by the majority of users. For more IoT smart home wireless communication solutions and wireless technology (WiFi module) information, please pay attention to SKYLAB.