COVID-19 Personnel Isolation BLE Beacon Tracking Solution

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People all over the world are plagued by the COVID 19 novel coronavirus pneumonia. For foreigners, suspected cases, or people who have been in contact with confirmed patients, home isolation is still a more appropriate prevention and control measure. But from a practical point of view, I occasionally see news of a quarantined person going out during home quarantine. Therefore, home isolation also requires regulatory measures to ensure that everything is safe.

In response to this omission in isolation supervision, SKYLAB has launched a personnel isolation supervision solution based on the 4G Bluetooth gateway and Beacon.

COVID 19 Personnel Isolation Ble Beacon Tracking Solution

This isolation supervision Bluetooth positioning solution can help staff to better supervise the isolation of epidemic personnel and further reduce the risk of epidemic control. This personnel isolation supervision scheme is not only applicable to the current epidemic personnel isolation supervision, but also to other application scenarios of personnel isolation supervision, and has strong applicability.

Personnel Isolation Supervision Bluetooth Positioning Solution Introduction

Personnel Isolation Supervision Solution Software and Hardware Composition

As shown in the figure below, the personnel isolation supervision scheme consists of four parts: SKYLAB's terminal anti-disassembly wristband Beacon, 4G Bluetooth gateway, data server, and application software system (including supervision platform, alarm push, etc.).

Personnel isolation supervision solution software and hardware composition

Personnel Supervision System Solution Construction

As shown in the figure below, in an indoor environment where people are isolated, the 4G Bluetooth gateway of SKYLAB is fixedly installed. Power on and work, and wear an anti-disassembly wristband Beacon for the isolation personnel to complete the binding of the isolation personnel, the wristband and the gateway. The basic architecture is shown in the figure below.

Personnel supervision system solution construction

The Working Principle of The Isolation Supervision Bluetooth Positioning System

Based on the 4G Bluetooth gateway's message monitoring of the anti-disassembly watch, real-time monitoring of whether the isolation personnel have left the isolation area without authorization can be realized. At the same time, the scanning range (100m²) of the 4G Bluetooth gateway can also be marked as a safe area. Once the isolated person wearing the anti-disassembly bracelet leaves the safe range or has an abnormal heart rate, cuts off the positioning bracelet, or SOS calls for help, the security alarm in the background can be triggered, which is also the key to realize isolation supervision.

With the help of the mobile APP, the isolation personnel are bound to the bracelet and Bluetooth gateway in the supervision background. The Bluetooth gateway can report information such as the gateway's MAC address, the MAC address of the anti-disassembly watch, the watch's power, heart rate, and clipping alarm to the background.

Advantages of Personnel Isolation Bluetooth Positioning Solution

(1) The 4G Bluetooth gateway is easy to install. The 4G Bluetooth gateway that supports adapter power supply is free of wiring, easy to install, and can be quickly installed by ordinary people;

(2) The 4G Bluetooth gateway is easy to use. The 4G Bluetooth gateway is based on the backhaul signal of the 4G operator network, and the isolation personnel only need to connect the device to the power to start using it;

(3) The alarm is quick. When an alarm event is triggered, the system will immediately push the alarm information to the relevant responsible person through the preset push strategy.

(4) Rich supervision background functions. It has various monitoring and management functions such as fast binding of wristband, personnel information management, device anti-disassembly, personnel offline, heart rate monitoring and Bluetooth gateway offline;

(5) The anti-disassembly bracelet and the Bluetooth gateway have unique ID identification, and combined with the mobile phone APP, the fast binding between the person, the bracelet and the gateway can be realized on the supervision platform.

(6) The applicability of this scheme is relatively strong. The existing personnel isolation supervision solutions can be applied to application scenarios such as households, communities, streets, districts, and municipalities. Staff can view a family, a community, a street, and a district in real time through the corresponding supervision platform. , the isolation situation of the epidemic personnel in a city;

a. Community level, you can see the situation of all the people in the community

b. At the street level, you can see the situation of all the communities in this street;

c. District level, you can see the situation of all streets in the district;

d. Municipal level, you can see the situation of all districts in the city;

e. Super administrator.

Instructions for 4G Bluetooth Gateway During Use

The use of the 4G Bluetooth gateway is shown in the following figure. It can be a gateway connected to a wristband, a gateway can be connected to multiple anti-tamper wristband, or multiple gateways can correspond to multiple tamper-resistant watches.

Instructions for 4G Bluetooth Gateway During Use

(1) In practical applications, 4G Bluetooth gateways need to be installed according to the size of the indoor isolation environment. For spaces greater than 100m², the number of 4G Bluetooth gateways can be increased as appropriate to achieve uniform signal coverage;

(2) For multiple people in an isolated area that need to be monitored in isolation, a 4G Bluetooth gateway can receive data from multiple anti-disassembly wristband at the same time.

Personnel Isolation Supervision Background Management System Functions

The personnel isolation supervision background launched by SKYLAB is shown in the following figure, which can realize the overview of the supervision system, view the supervision area, add supervision area, add administrators, isolate personnel management, add isolation personnel, gateways and new gateways, watches and new watches , Alarm information and processing, etc.

Personnel Isolation Supervision Background Management System Functions