Bluetooth Indoor Positioning And Navigation Solution

2022-11-09/ By Admin

SKYLAB is the manufacturer of Bluetooth beacon. In recent years, SKYLAB has launched a bluetooth indoor positioning and navigation system solution. Customers can use the mobile phone bluetooth beacon system to achieve indoor positioning and navigation.

Architecture of Bluetooth Beacon Indoor Positioning and Navigation System

Architecture of Bluetooth Beacon Indoor Positioning and Navigation System

1. Indoor positioning and navigation principle

The system uses the Beacon perception function, and the background server can calculate the current position information of the navigation module in real time. Combined with the map system, the server transmits the positioning data back to the mobile phone user through the network. Users can achieve real-time indoor positioning and navigation.

2. Bluetooth Beacon System Hardware Description

(1) The server provides public cloud/private cloud deployment mode.

(2) Local server deployment must provide two servers with fixed IP and domain name binding

(3) iBeacon adopts 3M glue ceiling installation, battery-powered, no need for integrated wiring.

Bluetooth positioning and navigation system parameters

1. Hardware part

(1) iBeacon uses two lithium sub-battery, the total battery capacity is not less than 2400mAH.

(2) iBeacon supports -30dBm~+20dBm transmit power, and supports -8dBm, -4dBm, 0dBm, 4dBm transmit power.

(3) iBeacon supports 100ms~1s transmission frequency, and supports 100ms, 300ms, 600ms transmission frequency.

(4) When the iBeacon is working at a transmit frequency of 300ms and a transmit power of 0dBm, the continuous working time is not less than 3 years.

2.Software part

(1) The map supports 3D vector map.

(2) The map supports stepless zoom and rotation.

(3) The map supports POI selection, path planning, and simulated navigation.

(4) The map supports positioning points to follow the navigation.

Vector map

(1) Support APP/H5/PC multi-client application;

(2) Support 2D/2.5D/3D vector map;

(3) Support infinite zoom, rotation (APP), POI information search, fuzzy search, quick search and other functions.

Bluetooth beacon car search

(1) Location-based recording of parking spaces

(2)Recording parking spaces based on video recognition

Bluetooth beacon destination navigation

(1) Select the destination

You can search for a destination by entering its name in the input box. Or click the map POI to select the destination.

(2) Starting point planning

The starting point is automatically selected based on the positioning.

(3) Current positioning point

During navigation, the current anchor point will appear on the map.