What is the significance of bluetooth data module?

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What is the bluetooth data module range?

With regard to the question of the maximum range of bluetooth data module, three classes can be distinguished so far. Similarly, they come on the needs of the respective device:

bluetooth data module
GreatMax. Transmission powerMax. Reach (inside)Max. Reach (outside)Areas of application (examples)
class 1100 mW100 m200 mComputers, notebooks
Class 22.5 mW10 m50 mBluetooth adapter, computers, notebooks
Class 31 mW1 m10 mMobile devices

Similarly, we must mention that the use of Bluetooth technology always requires a compromise between data rate / range and power consumption. Version 4.0, for example, requires very little power in low-energy mode, but also only achieves 1 Mbit / s with a range of no more than 10 meters. 

In normal operation, a maximum of 25 Mbit / s is easy to achieve, which proportionally increases the range, but also the energy requirement. Manufacturers of bluetooth data module enabled devices must therefore calculate exactly how they configure their products so that they are suitable for their intended use.

Range of the bluetooth

 Only the latest version, Bluetooth 5, has a range of 200 meters outdoors and 40 meters indoors thanks to advanced energy. This is saving measures capable, Moreover, we can operate in LE or EDR mode.

Overall, the maximum range of a Bluetooth-enabled device always depends on whether it is common outdoors or indoors. The reason: obstacles such as

  • Walls
  • large furniture
  • metallic structures

They can disrupt the connection. The design of the transmitting and receiving antennas common on the radio communication paths and the type of data packets are further parameters that can be decisive for the range of a bluetooth data module connection.

What do you know about frequency hopping?

Various methods, which can be summarized under the collective term “frequency hopping”, have reduced the susceptibility of Bluetooth to interference from version to version. The frequency band common is subdivided into individual channels of the same size.

These are changed several thousand times per second or as important in order to be able to transmit constantly without interference. This largely ensures that Bluetooth communication and other radio connections such as WLAN, LTE or microwaves do not get in each other's way.

How secure is bluetooth data module?

Thanks to encryption and various other security mechanisms, bluetooth data module is generally good to be relatively secure. However, it has already available several times that newer versions of the radio standard are easy targets, e.g. B. It is due to incorrect implementations on the part of the manufacturer.

bluetooth data module 2021

Moreover, the most popular point of attack is almost always key assignment during pairing, with cyber criminals trying to get the PIN common for authorization. Since this usually only has to be assigned once per connection establishment, the time window for such attacks is usually extremely short

How attackers disrupt Bluetooth connection?

However, there is a trick that requires neither great IT knowledge nor special technology: In the case of “Blue smack”, attackers disrupt an existing bluetooth data module connection. As a result, the unsuspecting users force to exchange a PIN again. Then, the attackers then intercept in order to gain access to the respective device. 

As a result, they can listen to and manipulate data streams and financial losses cause by calling paid hotlines and SMS services.  However, the attackers have to be near the devices to hack.

Significant preventive measures for Bluetooth users

As a bluetooth data module user, you can take some preventive measures:

  • Before buying a digital device, ask whether it is possible to manually assign a PIN for Bluetooth connections.
  • Deactivate the “Secure Simple Pairing” option and switch to only establishing each Bluetooth connection manually.
  • Choose a long PIN code with at least eight numeric characters if the software allows it.
  • Use the “invisibility mode" which anonymizes your Bluetooth username.
  • Avoid using Bluetooth in crowded places such as Use public places, for example , as these are more likely to have a specialized hacker in your immediate vicinity.
  • Save trusted devices to your blue tooth data module list. 
  • If a new authorization via PIN is important for an existing connection, this should be an alarm signal for you.
  •  In this case, interrupt the connection attempt for the time being and change your whereabouts in order to get out of the range of a possible attacker.
  • Turn off Bluetooth immediately after use. Only switch on Bluetooth when you really want to use it - this also saves the battery of your digital device.

To which hearing aids can be connected with?

Nowadays, hearing aids can be connected to other compatible devices such as

  • TV
  • Tablet
  • cell phone via Bluetooth.

Furthermore, some hearing aids no longer just serve as simple hearing aids, but also as fully automatic headphones that can be easily connected to many bluetooth data module without cables. With many Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids, you can now make phone calls, listen to music or watch TV via the hearing aid in a completely relaxed manner.

In the further course of the article I will explain to you what Bluetooth actually is, what you can do with it, which hearing aids have Bluetooth and what they cost.

Conclusion: radio standard for now and always?

Bluetooth declared dead many times. The radio technology was too complicated and slow compared to the wonderfully simple and brisk data transmission via cable. 

But this view has long since become obsolete, because with the energy-saving version 4.0 at the latest, bluetooth data module has made a name for itself - namely as the mainspring of the pioneering Internet of Things . 


And if economic experts agree on one point, it is that intelligent everyday objects such as fitness trackers, smart home devices and vehicle on-board computers are the future. So we can assume that Bluetooth will defend its reputation as the industry standard for a long time to come.