BLE WiFi Smart Access Control Solution

2022-04-15/ By Admin

Industry Background Demand

In the era of the Internet of Things, buildings have become more intelligent. The access control market has changed significantly. Combined with the smart security system and integrated with the property management system, more smart building applications will be realized.

Smart access control applications based on WiFi/Bluetooth technology, such as remote monitoring, biometric identification, mobile access control, etc. These innovative applications drive the growth of the market.

BLE WiFi Smart Access Control Solution

BLE WiFi Smart Access Control Solution Introduction

(1) Remote monitoring based on WiFi technology

Remote monitoring in home security is inseparable from the support of video data. WiFi technology with a faster transmission rate has become the preferred solution for remote monitoring wireless technology. It is developing towards the trend of networking and intelligence.

With the help of the USB interface WiFi module with a faster transmission rate, the remote monitoring can store the sensor information and monitoring images of the home equipment synchronously to the web server in the cloud, and easily realize the wireless video transmission requirements in the remote monitoring application in the smart home field.

(2) Mobile access control based on Bluetooth technology

Smart door locks have gone through the development process from traditional mechanical door locks to electronic door locks to smart door locks. Smart door locks are an important part of smart homes. Build and improve the intelligent control capability of security home and provide various intelligent home services.

Bluetooth smart locks are one of the most popular smart home products. The smart access lock is based on the original access control system, adding a low-power bluetooth transparent transmission module. Realize the connection of mobile phone protocol. The smartphone calls the Bluetooth service through the APP and sends the command. The smart door lock receives Bluetooth commands. Then control the switch of the smart access lock.

Features of BLE WiFi Smart Access Control Solution

A variety of WiFi modules developed and launched by SKYLAB that support USB interface: SKW92A, SKW93A, WG209, WG217, WG233, etc. They are all WiFi modules that can be applied to IP cameras and USB cameras.

The Bluetooth modules developed by SKYLAB that support serial port low power consumption: BLE4.2 module SKB369, BLE5.0 module SKB501. They can be applied to smart door locks and mobile access control.

◆Low power consumption

◆Fast transfer speed

◆Long transmission distance

◆Strong broadcasting ability

Application Field of BLE WiFi Smart Access Control Solution

With the maturity of WiFi and Bluetooth technologies. The security of wireless data communication and the stability of transmitted data are guaranteed. Smarter access control is widely used in management control systems. The following main application scenarios:

◆Family house

◆Office buildings