BLE Beacon Smart Staff Attendance Solution

2022-04-15/ By Admin

Industry Background Demand

In recent years, IoT technology has developed rapidly. Informatization and digital transformation are also sweeping our work life. The traditional office attendance still continues the attendance method of fingerprint machines and punching paper. This method has problems of low efficiency, poor accuracy, and high maintenance cost.

The corporate office field urgently needs a set of accurate positioning attendance management systems. Set up a Bluetooth Beacon that simulates sign-in at the company entrance. The employee downloads the app and activates the Bluetooth function on their mobile device. The app will automatically check-in as soon as the employee enters the company.

BLE Beacon Smart Staff Attendance Solution

BLE Beacon Smart Staff Attendance Solution Introduction

BLE Beacon devices actively emit Bluetooth signals. When the mobile phone turns on Bluetooth and approaches the Beacon device, it will receive the Bluetooth signal sent by the device.

At this time, it is only necessary to confirm which Beacon device is based on the four values of UUID, major, minor, and mac of the Beacon device. Then call the server attendance interface to realize Bluetooth attendance.

The Beacon device is only to confirm that the mobile phone is next to the attendance machine, and there is no need to send the attendance data to the Beacon device.

Features of BLE Beacon Smart Staff Attendance Solution

SKYLAB BLE Beacon is developed based on the BLE Bluetooth module. Low power consumption and long standby time. It continuously broadcasts the status, and Beacon can automatically send information to users in the coverage area. And determine the location of the user, and then convey the corresponding information based on the location.

Application Field of BLE Beacon Solution

SKYLAB BLE Beacon can be used in activities related to the movement of people or objects indoors. The following main application scenarios:

◆Indoor Navigation

◆Mobile payment

◆In-store shopping guide

◆People flow analysis

◆Item tracking

◆Asset positioning