Application of Bluetooth Beacon Indoor Positioning in Shopping Center

2022-09-16/ By Admin

There are problems in shopping centers where customers can't find toilets, can't find parking, can't find friends, etc.

Application of Bluetooth Beacon Indoor Positioning in Shopping Center

SKYLAB developed and launched the Bluetooth Beacon indoor positioning system. It solves the shortcomings of poor user experience in traditional shopping malls. The Bluetooth system can realize functions such as indoor positioning, location sharing, autonomous navigation, and route planning for customers. It can improve the operational efficiency of CBD managers and achieve efficient personnel management.

Bluetooth Beacon Hardware System Architecture

Bluetooth Beacon Hardware System Architecture

(1) Bluetooth iBeacon positioning principle

The mobile phone scans the surrounding iBeacon signals. The location server resolves the current client location information.

(2) Bluetooth iBeacon positioning accuracy

The Bluetooth iBeacon can provide a positioning accuracy of 2~3 meters and a positioning delay of 2s~3s.

(3) Bluetooth iBeacon cost price

The cost and price of Bluetooth iBeacon is very low, but it has a good indoor positioning effect. iBeacon Bluetooth positioning is suitable for indoor positioning and navigation and reverse car search applications.

Bluetooth Beacon Indoor Positioning System Function

(1)Positioning and Navigation

The system can provide 2D/3D maps for the commercial center CBD, and the map supports click selection. It also supports quick search, path planning and indoor positioning and navigation.

(2)Location sharing

This system can support location sharing and sharing location navigation functions. Share your location with friends with one click, and share with multiple people.

(3)Reverse car search

Enter the license plate number to quickly find the location of the car, and accurately navigate to the parking space.

(4)Inspection management

Location-based inspection and cleaning are more efficient.

(5)Statistical assessment management

Visual chart assessment management analysis around task completion and task completion time.