Bluetooth 4.0 BLE Indoor Positioning Solution


In outdoors , with location-based service,we got to the unfamiliar destination more rapidly and quickly ,when children and elderly are lost , we will find them more quickly;people can not take the scene,they can let the drone to finished it ,positioning can make our life more better .the GPS module or beidou module positioning will get great influence if indoors , so the indoor positioning , SKYLAB choose bluetooth positioning solution.

What is the Bluetooth 4.0 BLE module indoor positioning ?

Bluetooth 4.0 BLE module indoor positioning is a long distance and ultra low consumption wireless transmission technology ,after install properly Bluetooth LAN access point indoors,the network configuration into based on the basis of multi-user network connection mode,and make ensure that Bluetooth LAN access point is the main device of micro network ,can obtain user’s position information by detecting the signal strength .

Bluetooth 4.0 BLE module indoor positioning features:

1)With the respect of GPS/BeiDou , can quickly carry out the location of specific human and physical
2)Bluetooth module size is small , easy to install
3)Bluetooth 4.0 module positioning speed, can quickly locate in 100ms
4)Can locate the position of the person and thing at the same time

SKYLAB Bluetooth 4.0 BLE module indoor positioning accuracy , quantity ,time and how much consumption is it ?


How to achieve of SKYLAB Bluetooth indoor positioning

Indoor positioning system architecture

Flow chart of indoor positioning solution

What  SKYLAB can provide for indoor position?

What is the change in your life with the SKYLAB positioning solution ?

1.Public safety and emergency response
In an emergency situation ,each person would like to be accurately positioned to the rescue personnel, to the location of the building, or even the floor or room number.

2.Positioning guide
(1)What is inside in this building
(2)Who are around my office
(3)Where is my car in parking lot 。
(4)Where is the milk in the supermarket
(5)Where is the restaurant near the large shopping mall
(6)How to get there where i want to go?

3.Social demand
Achieve business card exchange, micro-blog push, similar to WeChat for making friends and so on

4.Marketing demand
To provide the shopping guide service for customers in department ,the mobile phone will tell you ,which goods in discount near there , provide the shopping guide service for you .
To achieve location tours , exhibits introduced etc, in the scenic area, exhibition hall, airport, can Can accurately guide users do procedure, indicate the toilet place and son on in airport.
In the shopping mall inside can quickly find exports , elevator with indoor navigation ,parents used to track the position of children , to avoid the children get lost in the supermarket, housing according to your position to turn on or turn off light ,shops according to user’s position push more on commodity introduces and so on.

Main products: Beacon and Bluetooth 4.0 BLE module


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